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Financial Services

Evolve your business beyond financial services

Build on your reputation and become the all-in-one solutions provider. Expand your offering beyond financial services and create a flourishing digital ecosystem with Vendasta’s flexible end-to-end white-label commerce platform. Provide small businesses all the tools they need—including your core offering—all in one place, all under your brand.

Marketing white-label software for financial services

Ecosystem of solutions

Multi-location management

Go to market instantly

Marketplace of resellable products

Build an ecosystem of digital solutions your business customers need

  • Integrate your existing services and add third-party solutions to create an online marketplace for businesses to browse and buy from, all under your brand.
  • Access and sell hundreds of rebrandable marketing, business applications, collaboration, and communication tools.
  • Give business customers a client-portal with reporting and analytics to manage and monitor the performance of the solutions you’re providing.
  • Build the cloud platform of your dreams with Vendasta’s flexible technology that makes integrating easy.
Marketplace of resellable products

Manage all of your service branches or locations from one place

  • Manage your institution’s brand across all of your locations. Get insights on reviews, listings, advertising, and Google My Business.
  • Gather reviews and mentions from across the web to see what’s being said about each location.
  • Correct business listings that are inaccurate or missing from essential directories and online listing sources for each location.
  • Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ for every location at the same time from one place.
  • Automated reporting delivers custom reporting at the corporate level and for each individual location.
Multi-location business center
Marketplace of resellable white-label products

Go to market with confidence and start selling right away

  • Take a consultative approach to selling with powerful sales automation tools that discovers businesses that need your services with data to back it up.
  • Bundle and sell financial services with third-party products during the onboarding process and with an ongoing support team.
  • Access proven go-to-market strategies tailored for your business, on-demand sales coaching, around the clock support services, premium professional services and an online learning community.
  • Focus on selling, and use our white-label marketing services to fulfill digital marketing services for your customers, under your brand.
Marketplace of resellable white-label products
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