Scale with Vendasta’s end-to-end white-label enterprise platform

Sell, market, bill, and fulfill B2B cloud solutions under your trusted brand with an end-to-end white-label enterprise platform. Let software usher prospects through a personalized buyer journey, from product innovation through to the sale and beyond.

Why Enterprises use Vendasta

Automation & flexibility

Data & analytics

End-to-end platform

Automate selling B2B cloud solutions

From prospect to customer, Vendasta’s end-to-end white-label enterprise management software removes the heavy lifting from the buying process.

Scale with white-labelling

Go to market faster and eliminate operational headaches and costs. With our ever expanding marketplace, you will be able to instantly offer new products and services, under your brand. Grow your customer base with built-in demand generation, content creation, and sales automation tools. Our enterprise platform also helps to streamline project management, orders, billing, and proof of performance reporting with management features all featuring your brand.

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Empower your enterprise with deep business intelligence

Our data-driven platform produces rich data for you to generate more demand, sell smarter, and provide clients meaningful insights. From prospecting to an AI-driven sales CRM to intent data to task management to reporting, you’ll have a huge impact on your customers’ business. Give clients access to their own portal—under your brand—that allows them to see proof-of-performance on the products and services they’ve purchased from you.


Scale your agency in the ways that matter

Drive evergreen demand for your solutions, sell more, lower your operational costs, and eliminate churn with Vendasta’s white-label enterprise platform.

Generate leads smarter and revenue faster

Automate your prospect research process. With a single data point, like a business address, create a marketing analysis for all of your prospects with a few simple clicks. Understand what your prospects need to improve their online presence with our auto-generated business report cards. These reports grade social media, website, advertising, and SEO, creating insightful sales consultations. Attach these report cards to pre-built email campaigns that see an average of 41% open rate and 40% click-through-rate (add jaw drop emoji here). The best part: track all marketing efforts in our AI-driven CRM that prioritizes prospects, and let’s you know when they’re ready to buy.

Explore Vendasta’s automated marketing analysis tool

Increase productivity while reducing workload and costs

Eliminate the need to source your own products with our enterprise platform marketplace. Offering a selection of hundreds of curated white-label solutions, go to market instantly. Our platform even takes care of the content, automating the writing and design work with software that builds personalized, stories about your prospects’ pain points. Once you’ve closed the deal, manage your digital fulfillment services with our scalable dashboard that automates task management, or use our expert agency to fulfill under your brand. Vendasta’s multi-location brand management monitors real-time online activities for thousands of locations, including insights on reviews, listings, and Google My Business.

Build your platform your way with our custom integration services

Integrate your tech stack with Vendasta’s platform and create a complete unified system. Nothing is off the table—our integration services teams and flexible APIs ensure that you get your platform built the way you want.

Seamless inbound integration for a great user-experience

Our integration process can be customized for any of our partners. We begin by assuming IDP (Identity Provider) responsibilities, or you can take over to create a single sign-on between Vendasta and your existing properties. This means that your existing customers can be instantly onboarded to your platform if they’re already registered. We do most of the heavy lifting, and the integration process is customizable to your development workflow. Access API editing, a product sandbox, life-cycle management, and testing tools to create a seamless user-experience.

Explore API documentation, technical guides, and implementation processes

Expanded integrations for any of your business needs

Our enterprise platform makes integrating with your existing billing easy. With one bill for all services and integration with your current payment systems, Vendasta makes the payment process streamlined and transparent. Billing can be configured to align with your own billing cycle. Third-party solutions can also be integrated to our Marketplace on your behalf, so you can offer your solutions to our existing partner base, without the need to integrate. Our integration to CSP API set lets partners manage customers’ accounts, while you control domain management, user management, and customer provisioning.

Simply managing your brand online

Automate managing the online activity of thousands of locations, including reviews, listings, social, and Google My Business. Vendasta’s multi-location enterprise platform makes it easy for franchisors, location managers, and business owners to take control of their brand under a single location.

Get powerful, automated insights about your brand across every location

Our enterprise management software gathers every review and mention across that web about each of your locations. Uncover business listings that are inaccurate or missing from. Easily create marketing reports for each location, and discover your best performers and laggards. Receive real-time leads when your business is mentioned on social media, . and run reports to see how your business stacks up to the competition on social media and local search.

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Turn insights into revenue

Our enterprise platform helps generate reviews from happy customers by sending them SMS and email requests. Automate the listing correction process so that all of your business locations are ranking in local search, making it easier for customers to find you. Quickly respond to reviews, mentions, and real-time leads with suggested responses, from one central place. If you're interested in managing the social media channels of your locations, we have that covered, too! Easily post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for numerous locations, at the same time.


Walk through the commerce process, from end-to-end:


Go to market quickly. Alleviate development burden with our white-label Marketplace that has hundreds of best-in-breed solutions you can instantly add to your offering and sell under your brand.

E-commerce Store

Sell from your branded e-commerce store where you can instantly add Vendasta’s marketplace solutions and your existing products and services with built-in product bundling and engagement analytics for better sales and marketing.

Marketing Automation

Drive prospects to your store (or site) with built-in marketing automation. Use demand generation tools that discover the needs of your prospects and build personalized content around it. Send the campaigns through automated email delivery.

Sales CRM

Manage your marketing efforts in an AI-driven CRM that prioritizes your sales activities and lets you know when your prospects are ready to buy.

Orders Management

When prospects purchase solutions from your store, order management software handles the ordering process for you and the customer from your store, CRM, straight through to fulfilment and customer reporting with complete transparency.


Built-in credit card billing allows you to start accepting payments instantly. Automated reporting streamlines payments and invoicing. Send one-time or recurring invoices and use payment schedules to keep your customers on track.

Business App

Provide customers with their own business intelligence app that gives them access to their products to see how they’re performing, along with access to your store, all with real-time metrics and automated weekly reporting.

Project Management

Use prescriptive project management software to fulfill services for clients. Automate task prioritization, workflow management, and customer reporting to keep your team focused and customers happy.


Build your existing solutions on top of our platform to create the ultimate commerce platform. No charge API/SDKs allow simple integrations to get your business to market faster. Our data protection goes beyond standard security and is implemented into the core of our technology.

Customer Enablement

We’re here to help you master Vendasta’s platform every step of the way, from onboarding to adoption to superuser. Learn the basics with Resource Center. Level up with our evergreen Training Academy and take the conversation online in our User Community.

Grow your revenue, not your workload

Sell, market, bill, fulfil – all under your trusted brand.

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