Building blocks to help you help your local business clients succeed online

Our partners use our APIs to help millions of businesses across the globe leverage Vendasta’s software. 


Platform APIs

Run automations, create orders, sales accounts, users, and more.


Product APIs

Give your clients the digital tools they need to manage their online presence.

Vendor Integrations

Distribute your software and services to a global network of resellers & local businesses.

What’s new?

Take advantage of our latest features to improve existing products or integrate with the newest API solutions.

  • Social Marketing: Schedule a message to one or more social profiles (Contact sales to learn more)
  • Customer Voice: Send an SMS or email review request to your clients’ customers
  • Advertising Intelligence:
    Get a detailed view of your clients’ ad performance across Google, Facebook, and more

Do it all with our APIs

Utilize Vendasta’s APIs to accomplish a variety of tasks designed around your client’s needs.

Access data

Create client reports

Report to clients on reviews, listings, ad campaigns, and other important data

Track your purchases

Get data on wholesale purchases made from Vendasta

Simplify daily workflows

Single Sign-on

Authorize clients and your team access to a single sign-on portal

Manage client accounts

Create new accounts, users, and contacts

Trigger automations

Simplify a complex chain of actions into one API call

Become a vendor

Sell products & services

Launch your product or service to 60,000 resellers and over 5 million SMBs

Receive orders

Collect the data needed to make your solution successful

Vendor marketing software

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly complete everyday tasks like scheduling meetings, social media messages, connecting ad accounts, and more.

Fast, secure, and reliable

Focus on innovation, while we handle tedious tasks like platform and security updates.

Powerful marketing tools

Provide clients with a comprehensive set of digital marketing, ecommerce, and online communication tools, all under your brand.

Part of Vendasta’s end-to-end family of solutions

When used together, Vendasta’s Platform and products become a far more powerful engine of growth. Discover how to combine Marketing Automation with Vendasta’s CRM, Workflow Automations, and so much more.

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Access the full Vendasta system with all the products, services, and solutions you need to take your business to the next level for free. Recognize ROI fast, and become the most indispensable asset and extension of the team for your local business customers.


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