The State of Local Businesses 2021

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It’s been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began

Your small and medium business clients need their local expert more than ever.

A snapshot into a changing world

Local businesses are accelerating their digital adoption

72 percent

72% of businesses surveyed adopted new digital tools since the start of the pandemic.

Local businesses are focusing on their websites, but there’s work to do


41% of respondents with websites report launching or significantly improving their sites since the start of the pandemic.


62% of businesses that report having ecommerce or scheduling software on their websites adopted the tools since the start of the pandemic.

Local businesses are adopting some tools more frequently than others

Businesses most frequently adopted remote communication, social marketing, and online presence tools since the start of the pandemic.


Local businesses are turning to businesses like yours at an increasing rate

33% of local businesses that did not rely on local experts before the pandemic have relied on them since.