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Both Vendasta and DashClicks provide white-label digital advertising solutions that can help resellers grow their business. However, Vendasta’s pricing is more competitive, and its complete portfolio of services makes it the best choice for agencies.


Digital advertising is one of the best ways to reach your client’s ideal audience online. It gives you a high level of targeting and sophistication because you can control when you serve the ads and who sees them.

However, not every company has a team of experts in paid advertising—and the ones that do will agree that running campaigns is time-consuming. That’s where Vendasta and DashClicks come in: They both provide digital advertising solutions to help other businesses reduce overhead costs, increase profits, and scale. 

The main difference is that Vendasta’s pricing is more competitive when it comes to the setup and management fees. Ultimately, you risk paying more and getting less if you choose DashClicks. 

Pricing is not the only thing you have to consider, though. The digital advertising landscape is changing constantly, and you need to stay on par, if not ahead. While DashClicks only offers PPC and social media campaigns, Vendasta has a more complete portfolio of services.

DashClicks Pricing

DashClick’s pricing for digital advertising starts at $1,000. There’s also a one-time setup fee fixed at $350 and a flat management fee that can range from $499/mo to $2,599/mo.

Here’s a pricing chart for DashClicks:


Pricing Comparison

Vendasta and DashClicks share a similar pricing model for digital advertising. They both charge a setup fee and a management fee, but the main difference is that Vendasta’s management fee is included in the wholesale price, whereas DashClicks charges on top of the ad spend. 

The first thing that caught our attention was their setup fee, which is too high. While Vendasta’s setup fee is only $199, DashClicks is charging $350 for it. 

Also, we understand that not all local businesses can afford a monthly $1,000 campaign, which is why our campaigns start at $300. If you choose to go with DashClicks, you’ll have to turn away clients willing to spend $300, $500, or $800 in advertising campaigns every month. 

Our management fee is more competitive, too. We take 20%, 15%, or 10% of the wholesale cost based on which tier you fit in. Here’s a breakdown of our tiers:

Tier Wholesale Cost Management Fee
1 $300 - $950 20%
2 $1,000 - $2,950 15%
3 $3,000+ 10%

Call Tracking

Another important thing to notice is how much DashClicks is charging for call tracking, a service that allows the advertiser to track and listen to calls. While Vendasta is selling call tracking at $25/mo for 500 minutes, DashClicks sells the same service for $49/mo. 

If you give their FAQ a read, you’ll see that DashClicks explicitly says that their digital advertising team will be “flying blind” if you don’t buy call tracking, which means you’ll have to factor in the additional cost for this service.

Pricing Table

Pricing Vendasta Technologies logo DashClicks logo
Starting Price $300 $1,000
Setup Fee $199
Management Fee 10% - 20% of ad spend (included in the wholesale price) $499/mo to $2,599/mo (charged on top of ad spend)
Call Tracking $25/mo $49/mo

Types of Campaigns

When it comes to digital advertising, you have to adapt your strategy to your goals. The more options you have at your disposal, the easier it is to find a solution that works for both your business and your clients. 

While DashClicks offers only PPC and social media campaigns, Vendasta’s portfolio of advertising solutions is much more impressive. We have Search, Display, Social, YouTube, and LocalAds campaigns. The latter is a proprietary advertising technology that combines location data with both online and offline behaviors to serve ads more efficiently. If you want to learn more about LocalAds, watch our webinar video:

Campaign Type Vendasta Technologies logo BirdEye logo
Search (PPC)
Dynamic Auto Ads

When you choose a company with limited options like DashClicks, you might end up having to adequate your strategy to their services when it should be the opposite way around. At Vendasta, we’re very strategy-focused to make sure we’ll choose the best solutions for achieving your goals.

One-Stop Shop

While Vendasta has very competitive digital advertising solutions, that’s not all we’re about. Our extensive list of white-labelled managed services also includes social media management, reputation management, website creation, and much more. 

You can think of us as a one-stop shop for all things digital marketing. DashClicks is just not there; they don’t offer must-have services like reputation management. In fact, in this video they tell their clients interested in reputation management to use UpWork, a freelancing platform. 

“Your job is just to vet them, interview them, and hire someone that you believe can do the work for you” – DashClicks

Sounds like a lot of work. We know that you’re too busy to hire freelancers and hope they’ll do a fantastic job. With Vendasta, you can trust our team of experts in reputation management and worry only about selling. 

Professionalism and Expertise

At Vendasta, we believe that it’s important to maintain a certain level of professionalism in everything we do. Every time that we talk to our customers we strive to set realistic expectations and craft a unique strategy that works for them. We know how to do it because we’ve accumulated a lot of experience over the past 10 years. 

We caution you against doing business with companies that sell promises like “make $10k per month with LinkedIn”. Compare this DashClick video with our video for Conquer Local, our annual conference:

Which company would you trust your clients with? If you value professionalism and expertise, Vendasta is the way to go.

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