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Both Vendasta and Thryv offer robust tools for providing local business owners with a single dashboard for their marketing, productivity, and communication. However, while Thryv sells direct to small businesses, Vendasta is built for agencies, media companies, and service providers to rebrand and resell to clients, all under their own brand.

What Makes Vendasta Different?

Vendasta offers a robust white-label platform that empowers you to provide marketing solutions to local businesses under your brand. The Vendasta platform includes a marketing and sales automation platform, a sales CRM and pipeline management tool, a full-suite of re-sellable digital marketing solutions, and more.

At Vendasta, we enable our partners to provide an experience that’s similar to Thryv’s “all-in-one” dashboard. It’s white-labeled and designed to help marketing service providers grow their business and ultimately drive local economies.

Tony Roland

Robert Cullen, City Search Solutions

“Vendasta’s customer service, marketing platform, and most importantly, their team is amazing. We would highly recommend working with them, as we’ve seen significant growth since using their online tools. Great company with great service!”

Available Solutions from Vendasta and Thryv

Although the business models differ, both Thryv and Vendasta offer digital solutions to local businesses. While both companies offer a wide range of products, Vendasta’s Marketplace provides a much more expansive product offering than that of Thryv; it contains some of the best-in-class products & services in the world, including Google’s G-Suite, Constant Contact, and WordPress.

Features Vendasta Thryv
Listings & Online Presence
Customized Listing Page
Social Media Management **
Reputation & Review Management
DIY Website Builders
Appointment Scheduling
Display & Native Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Managed Email Marketing
DIY Email Marketing
Text Message & MMS Marketing
Video Marketing
Google G-Suite Integration
Live Customer Chat
Dark Social Monitoring
On-site & Off-site SEO
SEO & Lead Conversion Audit Tools
Syncing Menu Data
Social Media Profile Design & Build
Micro-influencer Marketing
Positive Review Generation
Video Testimonials
Managed Lead Generation
Managed Website Creation & Hosting
“Caller ID” for Websites
Automated Chatbots (Website & Facebook Messenger)
Web Forms
Digital Advertising & PPC Campaigns
Event Promotion
Wi-Fi Marketing
Blog Creation & Posting
Custom Graphic Design
Ability to Add Your Own solutions
Send Quotes, Estimates & Invoices *
Credit Card Processing *

* Feature coming soon!

** Feature only available at top subscription tier.

Client CRM

Vendasta and Thryv offer helpful solutions for local businesses to manage their client database. Both companies provide valuable training and resources for small business owners, and allow them to keep track of their customers.

Thryv has additional features which allows for sorting customers and scheduling follow-ups, while Vendasta offers automated Proof Of Performance reporting and easy access to activating additional products.

Features Vendasta Thryv
Customer List
Recent Activity Dashboard
Proof of Performance Reporting
Option to Purchase Additional Services
Integration with Assigned Salesperson
Filters & Tags for Customer List *
Schedule Follow-up Reminders *

* Feature coming soon!

Reseller Features

Thryv sells direct to small businesses, while Vendasta is built for marketing service providers to rebrand and resell to clients, all under their own brand.

If an agency were to use Thryv’s services as a reseller, it would be on a per-account basis, and would offer very little in terms of scaling. For an agency managing multiple accounts, fulfillment would be frustrating, as Thryv currently lacks any sort of fulfillment software that manages more than one customer at a time.

Features Vendasta Thryv
Email Marketing Automation
Prospecting Reports for Resellers
Sales CRM for Agencies
White-Labelled (resell under your own brand)
Concierge (fulfillment software)
Manage Multiple Accounts From a Single Dashboard
Multi-Location Support

Thryv’s Reputation

At first glance, Thryv tells a compelling story with a beautiful website and a relatively clear message. Their product looks well thought out, and their software looks easy to use.

We decided to dig deeper and see what their customers were saying. Here are a few examples:

Thryv all promises

Thryv charged for demo

Thryv charged without consent

Thryv unhappy customers

Quite simply, Thryv’s customers are not happy, and when only 38 out of 187 Facebook users gave a positive recommendation, the reviews were hard to ignore. Accusations of incorrect charges, poor customer service, and misleading information are just a few of the issues being raised by paying customers. Don’t just take our word for it though, have a look for yourself.

Vendasta vs. Thryv’s Business Model

To Vendasta, local matters. We will never sell directly to businesses, but partner with local experts to offer digital solutions to help small businesses succeed. How can you be an expert in local if you’re not based in the area you’re selling to? Thryv sells digital solutions that help small businesses as well, but sell direct to businesses in neighborhoods that they’ve never even stepped foot in.

At Vendasta, we don’t compete with our partners. We do everything we can to help them succeed. Thryv is your competitor. Vendasta is your partner.

We’re not saying that Thryv doesn’t care about their customers, but the feedback from frustrated small business owners suggests otherwise. As an agency, you’ve got an opportunity to partner with Vendasta and provide a much complete level of service to the same businesses that Thryv is marketing to. We’re confident that you can do the best job because you’re a trusted local expert, not a big corporation like Thryv.

Features Vendasta Thryv
Only Sells to Agencies, Not Your Clients

Thryv Pricing

A subscription to Thryv’s platform starts at $59/month with a 7-day free trial and is followed by $99/month and $199/month plans (which both include setup fees). Each tier contains the fundamental CRM, Presence management, Appointment Booking, Payments, Listings management and then scale on campaign, invoicing, staff and social management functionality.

Thryv Pricing per Location

Plan Price Setup Fee
Starter $59/month $0
Essential $99/month $49
Plus $199/month $99

Vendasta vs Thryv: Summary

Thryv sells an all-in-one management software built for small businesses and has some useful tools to help local businesses grow. As an agency, you’ve got an opportunity to partner with Vendasta and provide a complete level of service to the same businesses that Thryv is marketing to.

If you’re looking for a complete digital marketing toolkit that positions you as the trusted local expert, then Vendasta has the perfect platform for your agency.

Competitive Summary

Section Vendasta Thryv
Available Solutions
Client CRM
Business Model

**Disclaimer: This comparison is based on information that is publicly available. If something is inaccurate, please contact us to review and update.**

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