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Rake Live Chat and Messaging

Rake Live Chat and Messaging

Your organization's one-stop messaging platform. Live chat for your website visitors. Direct and channel messaging for teams.

What is Rake? Rake is a combination of Live Chat and Internal Messaging apps like Slack or Microsoft teams.  Most importantly, it helps customers and prospects communicate with brands in a convenient way.  Internal messaging via Channels and Direct Messaging helps teams to collaborate, share files and documents, make decisions, get answers, and generally get more work done.

Why Rake? Business moves fast.  Without the right tools, it's easy to get left behind.  Studies indicate website visitors love the Live Chat experience as it allows them to multi-task and get immediate responses. Rake was created with the understanding that an affordable, user-friendly Live Chat and Messaging platform would help organizations capitalize on the growing trend of messaging as a preferred method of communication.

Rake | Express Free forever, Rake Express edition offers SMBs a unique, purpose-built messaging platform for organizations. You'll be the hero as you watch how your client's teams easily collaborate and get work done with world-class internal messaging features, while simultaneously engaging with website visitors in real-time as they browse using Rake's premium integrated Live Chat.  With Rake, business moves forward and the customer experience improves.  The result is efficiency, its teams closing more deals, meeting more deadlines, and finally converting on those visitors you've been driving to their website all along.

Rake | Engage The Engage edition includes everything from Rake Express, without limitations.  It also includes integrated Task management and Knowledge Base features, and most importantly it comes with BeeOpen - the Live Agent staff-on-demand service that helps your clients stay responsive and ensures they never miss an opportunity to engage with a website visitor. Ten (10) engagements per month are included. Be your client's hero, activate Rake today.  

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Rake  | BeeOpen Live Agent Engagements (10 Pk)

Rake | BeeOpen Live Agent Engagements (10 Pk)

As an add-on to Rake Live Chat and Messaging, BeeOpen is an on-demand live agent service that integrates seamlessly with Rake to extend your client's business messaging strategy. 

It is a perfect fit when:

  • your client has implemented Rake but is missing chat opportunities
  • your client loves the idea of enabling Live Chat for their customers, but just prefers not to deal with staffing for it or learning new software
  • your client has a seasonal business and needs extra support or service staff at specific times of the season
  • your client wants 24/7 coverage for lead capture and qualification

Think of the time your clients can save when they no longer need to hire more service and sales staff for peak periods or train anyone new to handle chats.  Imagine the BeeOpen Engagement 10-Pack is just like adding instant support and service staff trained for their business --- and they're covered 24/7. 

BeeOpen's conversation experts capture complete customer data, provide consistent and friendly customer experiences, and qualify leads using a mutually agreed-upon conversation flow for their business or industry.  Your client is notified immediately if a conversation requires follow-up and all conversation transcripts are instantly available for review or reference in the Rake app.

Rake | Additional User Account

Rake | Additional User Account

Invite more guest users without changing plans. 100 additional guest users: $10 per month

Purchase additional user accounts for your Rake workspace.

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