Solutions for Newspaper Companies

Vendasta helps newspaper companies transition from traditional to digital and pursue new revenue opportunities by offering a full suite of marketing products under their brand.

The Challenge

As traditional advertising dollars continue to go digital, newspaper companies and publishers must act fast to combat flatlining revenue. The source of new revenue, however, will not come from banner ads and other digital advertising. Why? Because the tech giants are swallowing it up. Facebook and Google alone are predicted to grow to 84% of all online ad spend by 2020.1

How can newspapers and publishers compete? While they remain one of today’s most important media providers, website gating and display ads aren’t enough to compete with digital agencies and other marketing providers.

To stay competitive, newspaper companies need to adopt new digital marketing solutions and agile sales models to facilitate rapid, monthly recurring revenue growth.

A Message for Newspaper Publishers from Vendasta CRO George Leith

The Solution

Newspaper companies have the local relationships and expertise required to succeed, but they often lack the “complete package” of digital solutions needed to serve all the marketing demands of modern business owners.

The good news is with local digital marketing services set to outpace local advertising revenue by 2.5x by the year 20221  and newspaper companies equipped with a wealth of existing advertiser relationships, revenue growth can be as simple as diversifying into new digital services. However, newspapers can’t do it alone—they need a single, experienced partner to provide the right technology and educate their sales force on how to effectively sell it to local businesses at the right time.

Vendasta provides all of the products and services newspapers need to supplement their core offerings, grow their share of advertiser budget, and transition into becoming true digital publishers.

Borrell Associates data on SMB expenditures projects significant investment in local marketing services through 2022

How It Works

Amy Gill Introduces Vendasta’s Marketplace

The Vendasta platform provides a complete end-to-end solution that enables newspapers to bundle new digital sales and marketing products with their existing core services.

Furthermore, with sales and marketing solutions like our award-winning Snapshot Report, your sales team will get instant insights into your prospects’ online performance, find new leads quickly and affordably, and nurture sales opportunities into closed business by leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data.

Customize and launch your own public-facing store or integrate products through API directly into your own dashboard. Give businesses the ability to find and solve their unique problems anytime, anywhere, with your business. Go to market with new solutions in hours, not months.

With Vendasta, newspapers can lead the way in business marketing and communication solutions.

Additional Vendasta Features for Newspaper Publishers

Snapshot Report automatically scans business listing data for accuracy

Eliminate Manual Administrative Work With Digital Sales & Marketing Automation

Vendasta’s AI and intent-mining features are integrated into a robust marketing automation solution, which determines prospective clients’ intent to purchase and readiness to buy. Lower cost of acquisition by giving sales teams the tools to determine which leads are most ready for first contact.

Learn more about how to leverage Vendasta’s marketing automation solutions at your newspaper >

Perform needs-assessment of business reputation and reviews

Newspaper CRM to Organize Client Interactions

Vendasta’s CRM is ideal for newspapers and digital publishers, allowing teams to manage existing client relationships and prospective opportunities. With unlimited user seats, this newspaper CRM allows sales teams to track activity, communication, and status of their current and prospective client accounts.

Learn more about how to give your newspaper’s sales team an edge with our CRM solution >

Snapshot Report scans business social media presence and gives a score

Automate your Customer Acquisition Research

Newspaper companies are adding new revenue streams and growing existing digital profit margins, all while catering to their clients’ specific needs. Our Snapshot Report helps start the conversation with business owners by highlighting those specific gaps in their marketing and proposes the optimal solutions.

Learn more about how Vendasta’s snapshot report can transform your newspaper’s sales process >

The New World

With access to a comprehensive sales and marketing platform and Vendasta’s training teams, you’ll have a true partner as you go to market quickly and add new recurring revenue streams. On average, Vendasta partners grow their digital revenue 3.5x in their first year alone. Vendasta’s white-label platform empowers you to provide these marketing solutions to local businesses under your brand.

Let’s work together so you can acquire more local business clients, reduce churn and retain clients longer, and grow your recurring revenue with our AI-powered platform.

Testimonials from Current Newspaper Partners

Customer acquisition is one of the biggest challenges we are facing. It is easy for sales operations and our sales teams to go back and knock on the same doors, but we get to a point where it’s difficult to bring in a new product or a new approach. [With Vendasta] we are saving time and optimizing our sales efforts, we are getting engagement with those who we might not have even had a conversation with before. Swift Digital is becoming a better organization by having partners like Vendasta.

Edwin Ruis

Integrated Revenue Director, Swift Communications

Using Vendasta’s Snapshot report and campaigns, we’ve been able to reach a segment of businesses we haven’t talked to before. We’ve seen over a 1,500% increase in the number of accounts that we’ve been able to contact about digital solutions, simply by using Vendasta.

Kelly Geary

Digital Product Manager, Swift Communications

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