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White Label Local SEO Software: Boost client’s local ranking with AI-powered software

Partner with Vendasta, and sell local SEO software: maximize visibility, enhance findability, and streamline local SEO and listing management for your local business clients.

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Post once, publish to many client social media accounts
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Use AI to easily generate large content calendars
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Help clients grow their audience and build fans
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Boost client sales with easy-to-use shoppable bios
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Show ROI by reporting on key social media metrics

Social Integrations

Connect, post, and report across your clients most used social networks.

Explore the versatile options for partnering with Vendasta

Vendasta partners with media companies, agencies, and SaaS platforms to deliver incredible white-label social media management experiences to local businesses.
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Resell white-label social media management software

Quickly establish client trust by using a social marketing technology platform branded as your own, while also reselling additional digital products from our marketplace.
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Scale your social media management services

Enable your fulfillment team to manage your client’s multiple social media profiles all in one place. Utilize AI-driven tools for efficient content calendar creation, saving time and resources.
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Perfect for Multi-Location & Franchises

Post to any number of your locations using dynamic content and easy customization for personalization by location. Track your brand’s social performance and analyze individual locations, all via a single app.
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Integrate into your own software with APIs

Integrate our social marketing software into your existing platform. Enterprise businesses trust our tailored digital solutions to enhance their product range and increase revenue streams.

Deploy AI-powered tools to turbocharge your client’s social media presence

  • Save hours of time with single-prompt social media campaigns
  • Craft unique text and imagery via a highly customizable prompt
  • Quickly generate content calendars and automatically post to multiple sites
  • Generate AI content for one, some, or all of your locations via a single app.

Discover more powerful AI features →

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Post once, publish to many

Provide your clients with white-label social media management software and post scheduler that lets them plan, schedule, and publish their content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and Google My Business, all from one easy-to-use product. Or, scale your own social media management services by letting your team manage all accounts at scale.

Grow your client’s audience and build fans

With ready-to-post content, post scheduling, and in-depth social media management software analytics, you’ll have all the tools you need to help your clients start sharing engaging content and building a loyal online audience.
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Let AI respond to customers with one tool

Enable your business clients to provide excellent customer service; customer communication has never been easier. They can use AI to manage all comments left on posts and any mentions. Or, your team can provide this as a service on their behalf, all at scale with our intuitive dashboard. Never miss responding to a customer again!

Drive ecommerce through Instagram with link in bio transforms your client’s Instagram posts into a shoppable gallery of images, turning social fans into paying customers.
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Multi-Location Social Media Management Software

With Vendasta’s multi-location app, post to multiple social pages at once, and personalize content for each spot. Track your brand’s social metrics, all in one app. No more manual hassle!

All-in-one composer and scheduler

Effectively manage and schedule posts through the easy-to-use composer. Post the same content to multiple networks or customize by account, and create robust social media content calendars for each of your clients.
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Vendasta platform image manage all Google reviews

Stream of industry-related content

Easily pull in your client’s favorite and new RSS feeds to discover great content for their social media posts

Stock images and GIFs at your fingertips

Make your posts pop with access to thousands of high-quality stock images through our integration with PixaBay. Intuitive search makes it easy to find the perfect image to complement your posts.
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Detailed social media analytics and post performance

Measure the social media metrics that you care about with rich engagement statistics. Maintain complete oversight of all networks from a single white-label social media management software platform.

Built-in link tracking

Enable your clients to efficiently monitor and track the links in your posts. See how many link visits originate from the different social networks or from “dark social”.
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The Ultimate Social Media Management Software for Local Experts

Discover more key Vendasta features that let you craft top-notch content, boost your client’s online sales, and expand their social following.

Grammarly spellcheck

Link your Grammarly account to ensure your captions are polished and error-free, complete with advanced spelling, grammar, and tone recommendations.

Hashtag suggestions

Increase your reach and enhance your viral potential with a smart hashtag generator that suggests previously used hashtags tailored to each client.

Bulk post scheduling

Efficiently schedule hundreds of posts in one go using our bulk social media scheduler. Maximize your time by crafting posts ahead of time and setting them to go live at optimal moments.

Easy collaboration

Maintain brand consistency by streamlining client interactions through a collaborative workflow, effectively reducing back-and-forth communication.

Streamlined approvals

Minimize risks and guarantee post readiness with a straightforward approval system, allowing clients to easily review and approve content.

Automated social projects

Set up automated multi-step social media tasks for your team. Manage all your client’s social profiles directly from one central location, and do it at scale.

Assign social post tasks

Easily assign targeted social media tasks to your team, complete with client-specific details and deadlines, all from a single centralized location.

Manage productivity

See how productive your social media fulfillment team is at a bird’s eye view with in-depth reporting.

Show your work

Automatically generate reports to give your clients a clear view of the work your team has accomplished on their social media profiles.

Social Media Management Software Case Studies

Vendasta is a unique ecosystem empowering 60,000 experts to introduce over 5.5M+ SMBs to hundreds of top vendors offering world-class local SEO technologies and services.

This is what reselling Vendasta’s White-label Social Media Management Software feels like

4.4 out of 5 stars
195 Reviews
4.4 out of 5
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4.8 out of 5 stars
191 Reviews
4.8 out of 5
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120 Reviews
4.4 out of 5
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See how we stack up

Vendasta’s social marketing product is partner-centric, offering AI-driven social posting and content creation to boost your brand across top social networks. It enables you to expand your clients’ reach and engagement, making you a standout in the social marketing arena.
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AI Powered Social Posting and Scheduling checkmark X checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmarkcheckmark
AI Powered Reporting checkmark X checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmarkcheckmark
White-Label Platform to Resell Digital Products checkmark checkmark X checkmark checkmark X X XNo, only brandable reports with team and agency plans
Sentiment & Competitive Analysis checkmark checkmark Yes, with separate product checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmarkX
AI Powered Content Tools checkmark checkmark X checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmarkcheckmark
Client Collaboration Features checkmark X X X X checkmark checkmark checkmarkcheckmark
Multi-Location Posting and Management checkmark X checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmarkcheckmark
Agency Platform for Resellers with client billing and workflows checkmark X X checkmark X X X XX
Brandable Client App to Purchase Additional Marketing Products checkmark X X X X X X XX
Managed Services checkmark X X X X Yes, limited to social marketing X XX

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We make it easy to connect with new customers every step of their journey

Automated reporting and insights

Powerful reporting that empowers your business to sell more

Build online visibility

Products to connect with prospects everywhere they search

Drive and optimize conversions

We make it easy to connect with new customers every step of their journey

Automated reporting and insights

Powerful reporting that empowers your business to sell more


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