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See how Vendasta helps you connect, communicate, and collaborate with your sales team, fulfillment staff, and local business customers.

Free tools to facilitate remote work.

While the world transitions to more remote work, we know you’re ready to roll with the punches and meet these challenges head on. Vendasta’s team collaboration software enables you to help local businesses in need, all from home without skipping a beat.

Vendasta is helping 20,000+ companies:

Connect with local businesses


Make meaningful, seamless connections with local businesses.

Automatically assess a local business’s digital needs and connect with them via screen share or email.

Communicate easily with screen sharing tools


Stay on top of internal communication between sales, marketing, and fulfillment.

See all of your team’s interactions in Vendasta’s CRM, and give virtual “kudos” to top performers.

Collaborate with the team virtually


Collaborate with local businesses on building their online presence.

Project management tools make helping local businesses easy, and automated reporting showcases your team’s great work.

“Vendasta has truly been the perfect solution for my business. They have the tools, resources and team in place to support me working remote and they’re always a quick call or email away if I run into any issues that I need help with. I know it’s just business, but they also feel like family to me too and I can’t imagine my business without them.””

Mitchell Slater

CEO at Slater Strategies

Team collaboration software available today

Remote CRM with Integrated Screen Share

Sales team internal communication platform

Remote project management platform

Get inspired. See Vendasta’s remote work platform in action:

How to screen share through Vendasta’s Sales CRM

Software that launches instantly, giving you the ability to present to your prospects on any device.

How to nurture clients with Vendasta’s email campaigns

Provide your local business clients with helpful content using your company’s brand.

Setting up your remote fulfillment team for success

Task automation kicks-off whenever a project is created, maximizing your efficiency.

How to keep your remote sales team motivated with The Loop

Give your top performers a virtual high-five without in-person meetings or 1:1 interactions.

How to help local businesses effectively with Snapshot Report

Arm your sales team with automated insights on how they can best help local businesses in need.

How to keep track of the progress of your remote team’s projects

Detailed graphs and summaries show you what’s overdue, in progress, and completed.

How to give your clients visibility into your team’s projects

Provide your clients with real-time reporting on the progress of the services they’ve purchased.

Let your client’s see their ROI with the Executive Report

Give your clients a single source of truth on the state of their online presence.

Feature summary for salespeople

Remote CRM

Connect with clients and teams from anywhere with a single platform that offers the tools for account tracking, client communication, and project collaboration.

Asterisk Phone Integration

Call your clients directly from our platform, recording the call so you always have something to refer back to.

Marketing Automation

Nurture prospects until they’re ready to buy with engaging and personalized email campaigns.

Needs Assessment

Create unforgettable sales pitches using our marketing assessment tool, breaking down exactly how a prospect is winning or losing online.

Screen Sharing

Offer your clients live demos of your services in action with CrankWheel, Zoom, or Google Hangouts screen shares.

Account Management

Know exactly when you need to contact your prospects with hot lead notifications and activity feeds.

Appointment Scheduler

Connected directly to your calendar, prospects will be able to book a meeting with you directly at a time that works for you both.

Gmail Integration

Without leaving your Gmail account, you can continue to keep your account updated with email conversations using our Chrome extension.

Task Calendar

Easily organize your day with our task calendar, showing you what’s due in either a monthly, weekly, or daily format.

Feature summary for fulfillment teams

Project Management

Collaborate seamlessly while remote with your team and clients using order management, notifications, and email tracking.

Project Tracking

Communicate the progress of projects to your clients in real-time with a customer-facing dashboard.

Integrated Order Management

Our powerful platform allows your clients to track their orders the minute they are submitted to your team.

Team Collaboration

Effortless communication between team members with upcoming due date notifications and easy assignment management.

Email Tracking

Increasing transparency by allowing your salespeople to track conversations that happen between your fulfillment


Increase the efficiency of your team with workflows customized to your unique service offerings.

Prescriptive Tasks

Our software automatically pulls in tasks for your fulfillment team when products are activated, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Automated Reporting

Prove value to your clients with automatically generated reports which display your team’s completed and pending work.

Manager’s Dashboard

With insights and stats on the work your team is completing, you’ll be able to highlight where they’re succeeding or need improvement.

New & Upcoming Software Updates

Like everything else, the global situation has impacted how we’ve prioritized software updates. As new challenges are arising daily, we’ve pivoted our focus to new features that ensure you have the tools needed to meet them head-on.

Zoom video conferencing now available

Released June 8th

With our new way of life, video conferencing has connected more teams together than ever before. One app that has done that more than any other is Zoom. To make it seamless for our partners to use this popular software, we’ve brought it into Sales & Success Center. 

Once a salesperson has connected their Zoom account, they’ll be able to seamlessly start and schedule meetings with the contacts they’ve stored in the platform. This allows them to connect with their clients safely while still providing the value of a face-to-face meeting. 

Learn more about our Zoom integration.

Book appointments with your clients hassle-free

Coming Soon

With our new meeting scheduler, you can eliminate the need for back-and-forth client conversations trying to find the perfect time to meet. Built into Sales & Success Center and offering integrations with Google, clients will be able to book appointments directly with you at their own convenience.

With customizable schedules and Google Calendar sync, clients can see exactly when there are open time slots. Generate leads by sharing out the booking link, and engage with clients face-to-face using Google Meet. All this and more is included in your subscription, so there are no additional costs. 

Stay tuned for its upcoming release!

Instantly connect with your clients using Google Meet

Video conferencing has become an essential part of everyone’s workflow as more business moves online. To ensure you have the software needed to continue connecting with your client’s, we’ve integrated Google Meet into Sales & Success Center. 

Once you’ve connected your Google Meet account, you’ll be able to instantly start or schedule meetings with any of your account contacts. You’ll be able to seamlessly connect with your clients safely while still offering them exceptional and personal interactions.

Managers Dashboard now in Sales & Success Center

With the world shifting how we do business at a rapid pace, it can be difficult to get a complete picture of how your sales team operates. Now with our sales manager’s dashboard, you can get a clear snapshot of your team’s performance. 

See your top or bottom 5 performers in categories such as: Activity by Sales Rep, Task Status, and Sales Opportunities. You can also enable or disable any metric to get a view that fits your needs and dive even deeper by viewing further insights. Put your focus where it’s needed most by using this dashboard to gain a top-level view of your sales team.

Productivity dashboard now in Partner Center

Released April 22nd

Staying productive while working remotely can be a struggle for anyone, whether you’re working from home for the first time or you’ve been doing it for years. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure your team continues to provide local businesses with the aid they need.

With our new productivity dashboard, you’ll now be able to monitor not only what tasks are due, but how quickly they’re being completed. You’ll now be able to see the timeliness of completed tasks, along with how many overdue tasks are currently in progress. This allows you to gain an even greater understanding of the work they’re completing on a daily basis.

The Loop, a salespersons’ single source for staying connected

Released April 17th

Feeling connected and staying up-to-date with your team can be a challenge when working from home, but with the Sales & Success Center Loop, you’ll continue to have a direct connection with the activities that your salespeople are doing to close leads.Like, comment, and follow posted activity, so you can acknowledge the work your team is doing to help local businesses. This allows salespeople to continue connecting and celebrating their coworkers and their success, even when working distances apart.Learn more about The Loop.

Daily task overview page in Partner Center

Released April 13th

With your team working from home, it’s difficult to see what they’re accomplishing each day, and daily check-ins only give you a piece of the picture. With our daily task overview, you can now gain deeper insight into all the work being completed on your client’s behalf. This overview gives you with a breakdown of completed tasks, tasks due today, overdue tasks, upcoming tasks, and how many tasks are due this week. And if you filter by task assignee, you can see which individuals are succeeding and who may need more assistance.

Sales & Success Center integration with Gmail

Released April 8th

With so much to keep track of when prospecting to new clients, it can be difficult to make sure you remember every detail. With our Sales & Success Center Chrome Extension, you can easily tag the appropriate account directly within your Gmail composer. 

This extension can save you and your sales team time from having to manually record activities and gives you a historical record that can be referred back to if needed.

Download the extension here.

See which clients are currently online

Released April 20th

Research has shown that the sooner you contact an engaged client, the better your chances of closing the deal. With so many businesses moving to the online world to stay open, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. 

Now in Sales & Success Center, you’ll have the ability to view when your clients are online. You’ll be able to see the specific contact, their business and how long ago they were recently engaging with the platform. This gives you the chance to spark a conversation with clients when their interest is peaked, increasing your likelihood of making the sale.

Calendar task view within Sales & Success Center

Released April 6th

Helping your clients through these difficult times can involve many moving parts, from listings and reviews to social postings and website creation. Staying organized with so much going on can be difficult, which is where our new task calendar can help.

Quickly see what tasks need to be completed across your accounts with a monthly, weekly, or daily calendar view in Sales & Success Center.

Learn more about the calendar task view.

Fulfillment visibility within Sales & Success Center

Released April 3rd

With your sales and fulfillment teams working further apart, it can be challenging for everyone to stay aligned on what’s being done for your clients.

With our enhanced task visibility, any email sent from Task Manager will be added as a recent activity in Sales & Success Center, giving sales a better overall view of how fulfillment is helping their accounts. 

Learn more about task visibility.

Crankwheel Integration

Released March 31st

Connecting with your prospects remotely has never been easier. With no additional software required, this integration allows salespeople to initiate one-way screen-shares with prospects quickly and efficiently. 

From the comfort of their home office, a salesperson simply finds the account they wish to connect with and sends an invite either by text or email. With the ability to instantly screen share with your clients, you and your team can continue to engage with prospects no matter where they are.

Learn more about Crankwheel.

Competitive intelligence now available in Snapshot Report

Released April 7th

So now that you can’t simply walk into a prospect’s business and engage them in conversation, how do you grab their attention? Why not show them what their competitors are doing to survive.

With competitive intelligence now in Snapshot Report, you can provide them with a breakdown of exactly how they stack up against their competition and what they can do to surpass them.

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Gmail Composer in our CRM

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Meeting Scheduler

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