Turn your products into your top performing marketer & salesperson

Vendasta’s 1:1 sessions to unveil product-led growth (PLG) solution to B2B companies in Chicago fills in under an hour. They’ve opened another day, July 9th for eight 1-hour sessions.

What is product-led growth? If you’re not familiar with the concept, PLG is where the product serves as the primary driver of user acquisition, retention and expansion. In other words, the product is the marketer and salesperson. It’s how Slack famously reached $100 million in ARR in three years.

The product-led growth model is designed to do this for companies adopting it:

  1. Lower cost of acquiring new customers 
  2. Decrease the time to payback of those customers
  3. Increase both retention and the value captured in the lifetime of those customers

Buying behaviour has changed. Inbound is not enough anymore and outbound is dying more each day. PLG is taking over, not just in the SaaS space, but everywhere, as three out of four B2B buyers want to self-educate rather than talk to salespeople to learn about a product. 

Vendasta developed a PLG model for their partners, and before going to market with it, they tested it on themselves, selling their digital solutions. After the release, this is what happened:

  • CAC dropped in half
  • CAC Payback went down from 10.2 months to 7.1 months
  • In 4 months, they more than doubled the number of total partners they had over the previous 8 years
  • Went from signing 40 new partners each month to 160

“We arrived back from Europe and Africa in June where we evangelized this concept,” says Vendasta CRO, George Leith. “We pitched it in Washington and New York, and landed the biggest media whale in the country. What’s happening right now is bar none, the biggest thing we’ve done as a company—and might go down as the biggest when it’s all said and done.”

Vendasta is heading to Chicago for July and providing company-to-company sessions to show their product-led growth model. To book a session on July 9th, please reach out to jtaylor@vendasta.com to submit a reservation.



About Vendasta:

Vendasta is a software company that builds a platform for helping local businesses with digital marketing. Sold exclusively through channel partners — including marketing agencies, broadcasters, publishers, banks, ICTs, SaaS, insurance and more — the Vendasta platform enables sales professionals to brand it as their own and provide re-sellable products and services to local businesses around the world. Vendasta has been named one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Canada and one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in North America by Deloitte. It has also been listed on Canadian Business Magazine’s Growth 500 for three consecutive years. For more information, visit www.vendasta.com.