Sales & marketing solutions for selling to local businesses

  1. 10X Sales and Marketing Automation Solution
    1. Business Centre – Our Channel Partner program includes individual branded white label business center instance for each of the Channel Partner Customers (documentation, SSL certificate, instructions and technical support by Vendasta is provided).
    2. Marketing Automation tools – Our marketing automation tools allow Channel Partner to reach its Customers with a customizable, trackable email campaign that includes four emails per Customer in the first month and options for additional campaigns as selected by the Channel Partner.
    3. Sales Management tools – Our Sale Management tools allow Channel Partner to see which Customers are actively using Listing Builder and/or opening emails, reports, etc.
  2. Listing Builder Solution – Offers easy to edit template-based SMB web sites that are optimized for mobile search and discovery; the Platform is capable of a wide spectrum of marketing uses, including the creation of My Listing pages, campaign landing pages, as well as Facebook welcome pages. The solution includes:
    1. select variety of page formats to display and specify the order-pages include contact information, news feeds, images, coupons, and other customizable options;
    2. up to ten (10) pages of content per web site;
    3. full support for scripts such as Google Maps plug-ins and downloadable files;
    4. choose between responsively designed templates or mobile-optimized templates;
    5. Platform services to generate web sites in bulk; and
    6. back office environment for Channel Partner teams to edit and update website content.
  3. Listing Distribution Solution – Listing Distribution is a tool offered by Vendasta which for an annual subscription fee provides an SMB’s business information, including: name, address and phone number to the four major listing data aggregators (Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup, and Neustar (Localeze)).
  4. Snapshot Report Solution – “Snapshot Report” is a sales tool that allows Channel Partner to create for each customer, a report that provides a view of a business’ current online reputation and other online statistics.
  5. Reputation Management Solution – Automatically and continuously monitors sources, collects and analyzes the data and reports on how businesses are perceived by its customers. The solution includes:
    1. visibility monitoring – finds and shows where a SMB is listed on selected web sites across the internet;
    2. ratings and reviews – finds and reports consumer ratings and reviews found on selected web sites;
    3. mentions – finds various unstructured SMB mentions from across the web with sentiment analysis;
    4. competition – displays a share of voice comparison between several key competitors;
    5. social – tracks the growth in social audiences on key social networks and reports audience activity; and
    6. reporting – email alerts and executive reports.
  6. Social Marketing Solution – A Platform for SMBs to engage with their social profiles in order to generate leads, build fans, provide customer services and schedule posts to and through social media. The Solution includes:
    1. account management – monitor and post to multiple accounts across multiple social Platforms;
    2. lead generation – create and track leads on Twitter and other social networks;
    3. content discovery – efficiently source relevant content to share with followers;
    4. customer service – interact with and track customer conversations on social media; and
    5. scheduler – schedule future posts and manage stream of posts to customer profiles.
  7. Digital Agency Solution A workflow software Platform for Channel Partner support personnel to provide Reputation Intelligence, Social Marketing and Listing Builder Solutions as a white glove (concierge) service to advertisers’ premium clients-from a single console, digital analysts can use this software Platform to:
    1. respond to customer reviews;
    2. identify and track the resolution of inaccurate directory listings;
    3. store account credentials for a variety of visibility web sites;
    4. post to social profiles; and
    5. track monthly task progress and assign tasks to users.
  8. Brand Analytics Solution – Aggregates reputation intelligence account data for accounts with multiple locations. Brand Analytics makes it easy for brand managers, franchisors, or multi-location owners to see all of their locations’ reviews and investigate how and where they are listed online; through brand analytics they can compare their brand’s performance across different territories and regions the Platform includes:
    1. monitor reputations of both individual locations and entire regions;
    2. compare social media performance across territories; and
    3. monitor presence scores to improve SEO.
  9. Partner CentralVendasta provides a portal it calls Partner Central, which provides you with reporting and account management tools where it can add, edit and delete accounts for its Customers and also manage what solutions are available to its Customers.

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