White-label Products for Resellers

Sell our software under your brand.

Your clients know and trust your brand.
Use it to your advantage.

The Vendasta Platform and Marketplace allow you to take our best-in-class white-label software, paint it with your branding, and mark it up to generate immediate ROI. You keep 100% of the profits.

Customize the white-label products, emails, and reports with your:

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Product names
  • End-user marketing
  • Domains
  • Color

Why sell white-label software with Vendasta?

tl;dr It’s a recipe for growth.

Make unparalleled profit margins

Start selling high-quality products without incurring staggering development costs. Plus, choose the retail prices that work best for you and your clients. You could make as much as 70 percent margins!

Launch new products in minutes

Forget technical integrations and RFPs—our white-label software comes ready to sell. That means you have the power to launch a new product and start crushing deals in the same day—no strings attached.

Foster client loyalty

A delightful experience associated with your name and logo will build a positive perception of your company. Plus, the more well-rounded your product line is, the more likely your clients are to stick around. Be their one-stop shop.

Sell to local businesses more effectively with
Vendasta’s white-label platform

That’s right, our sales, marketing, and fulfillment platform is white-labeled, too.

Snapshot Report

An award-winning needs-assessment tool for prospecting local businesses.

Marketing Automation

Ready-made email drip campaigns to acquire, retain, and grow clients.

Sales & Success Center

A well-rounded sales CRM and pipeline management tool for prioritizing your prospects and opportunities.


Wholesale business products and services you can resell to local businesses.

Business Center

A client portal under your own brand.


A task & service management tool for getting things done and reporting it to your clients.

Snapshot Report

An award-winning needs-assessment tool for prospecting local businesses.


local businesses served


salespeople using our platform


agency and media partners

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Vendasta makes it easy to scale your agency

From our agency to yours. You sell the service, we'll handle the execution. We fulfill your digital marketing & advertising services under your brand.