UpSnap Mobile Ads

UpSnap Mobile Ads

Mobile Advertising Made Easy

Geo-targeted mobile ads

UpSnap’s mobile ad package helps your customers reach a nearby audience with a geo-targeted mobile ad campaign. PLUS! For a limited time, receive 50% EXTRA Bonus Impressions. From design to reporting, UpSnap handles all aspects of your clients mobile ad campaign.

What’s possible?

  • Mobile Advertising Made Easy: UpSnap has developed a way to help local businesses take advantage of mobile advertising, in the past mobile advertising was cost prohibitive and only available to big box retailers and service providers. With Flex-Fencing™ technology, UpSnap enables advertisers to effectively reach nearby potential customers by displaying mobile banner ads within a mile radius of their business and expands outward as needed based on traffic availability.
  • With access to more than 100 billion mobile impressions per month, your clients benefit from UpSnap’s vast distribution network. Your clients ad will be displayed up to 37,500 times on thousands of top apps.
  • Targeting: Your client picks their desired geo (based on address) to run the campaign. They can even run a conquesting campaign and target their competitors location(s).
  • UpSnap designs and codes the landing page and banner ad for your client. All they need to do is approve it.
  • Reporting: Each month your clients receive a report that details impressions served, clicks and secondary actions that occurred like clicks to call.


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