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StoryTap | Brand Boss

StoryTap | Brand Boss

Directed user-generated video storytelling at scale with 35 videos per month.

A DIY video platform for marketers to direct, collect, own, and micro-influence authentic videos at scale.

StoryTap is a DIY video platform that makes it easy for your clients to produce, direct, collect, own and micro-influence volumes of authentic videos from real people. These can include customers, fans, or employees from anywhere in the world in real time, and at scale. The types of videos depend on your client's digital strategy, and may include contest videos ("tell us why..."), video testimonials ("I recommend..."), product reviews ("I really like the feature of..."), content stories ("I believe...") and more. Story types are only limited by your imagination!

StoryTap | Brand Boss includes:

  • A white-labeled recording and sharing experience with your client's branding
  • Up to 35 videos per month
  • Unlimited story guides with script prompts
  • End-user micro-influence experience to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Organized video library to download or share by story or sound bite
  • Customizable video release
  • Call-to-action page
  • Video analytics

Check out this video to learn more!

Key Selling Points for StoryTap | Brand Boss

  • USER-GENERATED: Your client's customer, their fans or their employees can use their own phone, tablet or desktop to record video that’s directed, yet authentic.
  • RESULTS: Authentic video can drive up to 80% in conversions and will outperform better than any other type of social content by 1200% (Forbes).
  • REACH: A smart micro-influencing solution that will arm your clients with more intelligence than just views and impressions and give you new authentic reach that’s never been achieved before.
  • SCALED: Users can record anywhere, in real time. There are no apps to download or plugins required. They receive a link and go!
  • EASY: An easy way to collect and micro-influence authentic videos from real people. Every business strategy should include building brand trust, awareness and driving conversions.
  • OWNED: Your clients own the video rights to the videos produced and can measure each videos performance. This robust platform provides your clients with owned video assets.
  • FAST: Video campaign setup time takes 5 minutes. Customize the type of story, where they record, if you want them to share to their social feeds, and more.
  • ORGANIZED : The ultimate organized video library with analytics and the flexibility to allow video downloads by story or sound bite.

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