Protect Local: Free tools, training, and resources to help your company and local business clients during COVID-19 and beyond. Learn More
Protect Local: Free tools, training, and resources to help your company and local business clients during COVID-19 and beyond. Learn More
Overtok Calls Conversion

Overtok Calls Conversion

Connect business calls with an outstanding visual journey that converts more customers to action

What is it?
Overtok helps digital agencies, freelancers and marketers boost business results for their small- and medium-sized clients by using a unique tech-suite that stretches the caller's on-site journey and auto-engages with them at critical points in real time throughout the interaction process. This behavior generates additional valuable actions from high-intent customers.

The call takes place on-site. The more time visitors spend on site the more opportunities for real-time engagement and the greater your chances of winning valuable action from real consumers.

How it works?
Using Overtok's JavaScript code or a link on any digital asset, including websites, landing/social pages, and text/banner links, you enable visitors to call a business, and the call takes place on-site on top of a modern and branded platform instead of being sent out to an offline call on a phone's keypad. The business receives a regular call to a land line or mobile just as it would usually.

The code or link can be duplicated easily and used for any asset or campaign. That will help you to better track the calls and measure the exact number of calls you get from each channel.

What is the value?
There is a complete visual engagement system with the caller that includes content suggestions and relevant call-to-action offers for the consumer before the call between the consumer and the business is connected and after it ends.

At those critical real-time touchpoints, we generate high conversion ratios for additional actions as part of the caller’s native process.

Call-to-Action – Right after the call ends, encourage high-intent visitors to join the business’s email list, leave a review, visit social media pages, take a survey, navigate to a location, download an app, and many more valuable actions.

Drive to online – Before the call is connected, motivate callers to complete an online transaction, such as online booking, ordering, quote, or anything else you can imagine.

Overtok works great for a variety of SMB and SME categories

Dashboard and data
Overtok combines web and call statistics into a single analytic dashboard and reveals new business insights that help you better understand day-to-day opportunities.

Key Selling Points for Overtok Calls Conversion

  • Auto-engagement – While callers stay longer on-site, the business has the chance to motivate them to take additional actions before/after the call. These actions bring value.
  • >20% new valuable actions from the same amount of traffic.
  • Better manage and track calls from each channel that you advertise to your clients.
  • >30% of calls to businesses are missed; Overtok helps you turn missed calls into a quality leads.
  • Powerful tools to grow your clients’ personalized results.


Additional 250 minutes

Additional 250 minutes

Add 250 minutes on top of the minutes included in the base package.
Add-on is a one-time purchase based on current month usage and is not a monthly subscription.


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