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Engage with customers on autopilot to keep them coming back and spending more through loyalty campaigns.

Movylo helps businesses engage with their customers and drives them back to their store to spend more money, more often. Business owners can engage with their customers through relevant messaging and drive them back to their store to spend more money, more often. Here's how it works:

  1. Enter business information. This includes basic details like address and phone number and more interesting content like a blog link or gallery.
  2. Turn on Autopilot! With a click of a button, the business can automate their email promotions. All of these can be edited or modified. Some examples include:
    • a % discount when customers sign up for offers
    • a $ bonus for customers who refer a friend
    • a % discount when a customer fills in their profile, like providing their date of birth
    • a $ bonus on their birthday
    • a % discount for customers who leave a review
    • ...and so much more!
  3. Add or upload the customers. Import customers manually or through Google or Excel and connect social pages. There is also in-store material that can be edited and downloaded to place in the business.

And it's just that simple! Activate Movylo, configure it to the business' needs and watch customers walk through the door of your client's business. If you sell leads to local businesses, Movylo is the tool you need to capture the leads and convert them into loyal customers, without lifting a finger!

Key Selling Points for Movylo

  • If you sell leads to local businesses you need an engine to capture and convert them into customers for your clients. Bundling lead generation with customer engagement is the key to success.
  • Don't use a ton of tools to help your clients manage email automation, email contents, coupon redemptions and more. Use Movylo as the single source that covers all the marketing needs of a business.
  • Movylo is simple to sell to business owners. It's fast and easy to demonstrate. Tell your clients all about the money they could be leaving on the table by not performing simple marketing actions.
  • Help your clients see a clear return on investment for all of the hard work you're putting in for them. They will take the leads you help create and turn them into extra sales and revenue.
  • Activate an account, set it up, and forget about it! Everything runs on Autopilot, requiring no time or effort from you or your client. Get results without dedicating too much time.


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