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Engage with 100 customers on autopilot to keep them coming back and spending more through loyalty campaigns.

Movylo helps local businesses engage with their customers without lifting a finger and drives these customers back to their store to spend more money, more often.

The idea is:

  • You run a local business (restaurant, salon, retail shop, ...) and have little time to dedicate to digital marketing to promote your business. Maybe you have a website, a Facebook page, the Wifi... and these are all good things to do to capture leads and new customers.
  • Where are the leads going? Your business clients should be able to capture all of these leads and start nurturing them. To convert them into a steady flow of customers, they need Movylo! Leads need to be generated and nurtured to see the real value. 
  • Movylo is a growth engine that sends daily messages to customers like birthday wishes, friend referrals, online reviews and even coupons to redeem in store. This results in a steady flow of customers and it’s all automatic with Movylo!

Here's how Movylo works:

  1. Create an account and enter business information. This includes basic details like address, phone number, opening hours, and more.
  2. Turn on Autopilot! With a click of a button, the business can automate their email and social promotions. All of these can be edited or modified. Some examples include:
    • a % discount when customers sign up for offers
    • a $ bonus for customers who refer a friend
    • a % discount when a customer fills in their profile, like providing their date of birth
    • a $ bonus on their birthday
    • a % discount for customers who leave a review
    • ...and so much more!
  3. Add or upload the customers. Import customers manually or through Google or Excel and connect social pages. There is also in-store material that can be edited and downloaded to place in the business. If you're helping the business generate leads you can import them into the Movylo account too.

And it's just that simple! Activate Movylo, configure it to the business' needs and watch customers walk through the door of your client's business. 


Key Selling Points for Movylo

  • Why should you sell Movylo? If you’re helping local businesses with their digital marketing, they’re paying you to find new customers. Movylo nurtures leads, sends them relevant and compelling offers, and drives them back to the storefront. These are real and loyal customers!
  • How can I sell Movylo? Create a free report for the business at to understand how much value Movylo can bring to a local business. Movylo is not a software tool but an automated service to help get more (and repeat) sales.
  • How easy is Movylo to set up? It’s simple! Once the leads are uploaded the business can tweak the messaging and content (if they want) and once Autopilot is turned on—it’s ready! There is virtually no time required from you or your clients.


Add 100 customers

Add 100 customers

Add 1000 customers

Add 1000 customers

Add 500 customers

Add 500 customers

Upgrade Movylo

Upgrade Movylo

The full version is up to 1,000 customers and allows you to create custom promotions, your own loyalty program, have a mobile App for the merchant and the customers and a lot more!

Why should your agency sell the full version of Movylo?

If you're helping local businesses with their digital marketing, it means they're paying you to find them new customers. But after you find a new customer (generate a new lead), your client needs help nurturing them to bring them into the storefront. 

Movylo does this! Set up an account, turn on Autopilot (our engine that nurtures leads), upload all the leads you've generated for your client and voila! They will start receiving messages and coupons to drive them back into the store.

This will help your agency:

  • Increase the value you're offering to your business clients
  • Have your clients perceive a higher and clear ROI (customers in their store and not just a list of emails)
  • Sell more social campaigns! If your clients can convert your efforts into trackable sales, they will ask for more customers and more leads. 


The Full Version of Movylo:

While Movylo is completely automated with the Autopilot engine, there are additional features in the full edition. They include:

  • A complete CRM with private and public filters
  • The ability to create custom promotions, deals, newsletters and send them to customers via email, SMS, social, push notifications and more
  • Create your own multi-tiered loyalty program for customers
  • Schedule campaigns on the calendar, to create your weekly or monthly marketing plan
  • Add online payment to be able to get paid by customers via credit cards
  • A mobile app for merchants to create promotions on the go, validate coupons, assign loyalty points and for customers to manage the loyalty card, see exclusive deals and more. The app is not mandatory for merchants nor their customers.
  • Manage the service for your clients: Help them and see results they get real time.


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