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Vendasta’s Snapshot report compiles hyper-relevant information about local businesses and signals which ones are interested in the solutions you offer.

With these reports, you can catch the attention of your local prospects while lowering your costs of acquisition dramatically. Show them why they need your digital solutions, and sell more effectively—and prescriptively—with a consultative selling approach.

Join Lories as she outlines all of the varying Snapshot Report results and exactly which solutions should be sold to solve every Snapshot pain point.

Lorie: All right. So my name is Lorie Willms. I’m a senior partner success manager here at Vendasta. I’ve been here for almost three years now in a couple of different roles. I started off as a premium partner account manager and have now moved in to the success side of things. I’m thrilled to see a number of my partners on, watching the webinar. A couple of you I talked to already this morning. So, after this webinar, if you have any questions or you’re needing to reach out to anyone, feel free to reach out to your account executive or your partner success manager. If you are unable to find them, of course, you can also reach out to me and I’ll connect you with the right person. But hopefully you’ve been talking to them quite a bit already.

Just a little quick who we are. We have been in business for quite a few years. We work with some of the biggest newspaper, radio, media companies, all sorts of different agencies, all across North America and Australia, and in and around the Caribbean as well. I haven’t gone there to do this sales webinar yet, but I’m hoping that’s coming soon. We have more than 400,000-plus businesses in our system. We have more than 5,200 sales people selling our software every day, and more than 550 agency and media partners. So we’re growing at a rapid speed, and we’re pretty thrilled and excited about that.

Of course we have a wonderful group of offerings. We have our own Vendasta products which are the reputation management, social marketing, couple of different listing solutions now, brand analytics, and a task management dashboard concierge. And then within our platform of course, we’re gonna be talking about the Snapshot report today, but we have a fabulous automated marketing platform. If you’re on Beta, you’ll be able to see how you can create custom campaigns now using the automated marketing, which is phenomenal. We have an awesome, world-class digital agency. If you are on that enterprise level, we have a team that’ll help do a lot of the fulfillment work for you. Of course market place is becoming bigger and bigger all the time. We’re very excited to be introducing new apps and products in there for you to also use and sell as your own. Partner center and our sales and success center.

As always, I just wanna point out that Product Insider is our weekly newsletter. It’s awesome. You’ll often see videos hosted by one of our many wonderful and good-looking Vendastians. We have news releases in there, we have products that are coming soon, solutions that are going to be added to our platform. So we’ll keep you up to date on all of that stuff. If you’re not receiving the Product Insider, please let your partner success rep know so they can get you signed on to there. And as soon as we sign you up for the Product Insider, we will automatically sign you up as a registrant on the sales and product webinars. So you will automatically get reminders of these webinars that are coming up.

All right. So today we’re gonna talk about how to sell with the Snapshot Report. So I’ve been using or talking about the Snapshot Report to partners for quite some time. And I still think it’s one of the best ways to prospect. It’s one of the easier ways. With some sales people, it’s a little tricky to get yourself out there and in front of people, especially if it’s a cold call. It’s nice to use the Snapshot Report to warm them up. And there have been a number of times where I’ve been out at networking events and stuff like that, and people, we get talking about it and they’re curious about their online presence. It’s one of the best times then to say, “Hey, I’ve got a free Snapshot Report I can send you. You can see what your business looks like online.” Get an appointment to sit down and talk about it with them and get them excited about the solutions you’re selling as well.

So we’re just gonna watch a quick video on the Snapshot Report. For any of our partners who are new or sales people on here who are kind of new to the Snapshot Report, this is just a really great overview of what you can use the Snapshot Report for and what we’ll see in it. So I’m gonna bring up George Leith, our VP of Sales, to show that to you right now.

George: Hi. I’m George Leith, Vendasta Technology’s Vice President in Sales, here to talk to you about Snapshot. The best way to have a conversation [inaudible 00:04:40 to 00:04:45] throughout the business phone number and enter it in the software. Or you can enter the business’s legal business name and their zip code. And 10 minutes later, you have a fully populated report explaining the business’s virtual doorway, their listings, reviews, social sites and their website, all compiled into a complete report for the business, which is granted with your partnership brand.

Let’s first look at listings. The business’s listing report is broken down into two pieces: The listing presence and the listing accuracy. We take a look at items which may be affecting either of those two, and give the business a grade on both items. Moving on to reviews. We cover a number of different issues in the review report. First of all, the review sites that a business is listed on and the total number of reviews that the business has received. Then we compare that to the industry of the business and show them where they may have ground to make up or where they are leading in comparison to other stores in their industry.

Let’s talk about social marketing. On the social marketing tab of the Snapshot report, we show the business, how its Facebook page is performing, their Twitter page, and their Foursquare profile. And again, we compare it against the industry average for that business’s category. And finally, we give the business a grade on their website. That grading is based upon Google’s grade for a website. Plus, we show them how their website looks on a mobile device. We find that Snapshot is the very best way to prospect new business and to speak to your existing clientele about their virtual doorway.

Lorie: Awesome. Thanks a lot, George. All right, so as most of you know, it’s very easy to go ahead and create one of the Snapshot reports. You basically just type in the information here. We are powered by Google, so it’s basically like a Google search. You can search something fairly broad like “Dentist in Maryland,” or you can narrow that down, if you do know the business that you wanna create a Snapshot report, and you can just type in “Greenway Dental Group,” and the report will generate from there. Voila, here you go. There’s your well-populated report.

Now, just good practice. I know I said 10 minutes, and that’s pretty exciting to see a report come up in 10 minutes, but it is definitely better to wait at least an hour, if not 12 to 24 hours. So you get a lot of really good information coming in there. And you don’t go to a prospect with a half done report where they start pointing out where things might be wrong. So, definitely give it a little more time than 10 minutes. But you will definitely be able to see some results being pulled in there.

Today we’re gonna focus on listings, reviews and social. So, with listings, we wanna make sure that you’re found on the internet and that your business name, address, phone number and your website are 100% correct, so that any of the Google bots are going out and looking for that information and surfacing that in that top Google three or snap pack or whatever you wanna call it these days, is based on accurate listing information and reviews. Your customers need to find you on the web and in the streets, so you’ve gotta make sure that information is correct.

So there are three parts of the listing grade. So there’s listing presence, listing accuracy, and data provider accuracy. So with that listing presence, we wanna make sure that your business appears online in as many places as possible. And we wanna make sure, with the listing accuracy, that the business listings that are found online are correct and consistent. With the data provider accuracy, there are four major data providers in the U.S., and we wanna make sure that your business is appearing on all of them with accurate information. If it’s showing that it contains errors, that means that that data provider is supplying the incorrect information to hundreds of other places, and that’s gonna affect you very negatively.

So with the listing presence, it’s really important to keep your good listings good. So if you have a positive listing or a really strong listing presence already, you can sell the solution of the listing distribution to that client, and that will ensure that their business listings remain really, really strong and really good. And your digital footprint needs to stay alive with that. So, listing distribution will start creating more listings and help you to increase that consistent listings and lots of listings online.

If reputation management is showing that you have poor listing presence, Listing Sync is going to be a really great solution for that because you’re gonna be syncing that business’s information to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Google, and those are really solid listing sources or trusted sources of listing information these days. So you wanna make sure that a business knows that those are gonna be really, really good and positive for their business listings. And also, listing distribution because it creates and distributes those listings across all the major sources.

In terms of the data provider accuracy, so if they have really healthy listings on those data providers, they’re all positive, that’s really awesome. Still having listing distribution or selling a listing distribution is still gonna be a great idea because you’re going to make sure or help them to make sure that those listings don’t change across the internet. It’s an inexpensive way to do that. If you don’t have good listings on there, that’s not as bad as you think. So if your business is not being found, as it’s showing on Axium [SP] here, that means that the wrong information is not being sent out. So that’s not a horrible thing.

Again, listing distribution is gonna correct them across there and make sure that we’re pushing out the correct data. And when you see that little yield sign or caution sign, that’s that negative situation where the information that is being disseminated across the internet is incorrect. That’s a huge problem. So what you’re gonna wanna sell your prospects that have one or more of those caution symbols across the data providers, you’re definitely going to want to introduce them to Listing Sync, Listing Distribution, and Listing Sync Pro.

So here we have just a great chart to help you to discern which of the solutions are going to be most important for which of those problems. So we have the listing distribution solution, that’s where we’re submitting the correct listing information to the four biggest data providers. And those are gonna be referenced by over 300 other online listing directories and listing sources. So the amount of time that it takes to start seeing results is somewhere between one to six months. It is a year-long subscription. It’s $50 per year. The pricing you’re gonna see in here is definitely based on the basic subscription level.

So some of you might have slightly different pricing if you’re on professional or enterprise. We’re just gonna talk on the basic level right now. So $50 for the year, for listing distribution. Listing Sync. Syncing the business listings to Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, that’s instant. Some are between 24 to 48 hours. And that is that free solution. It is offered as a freemium [SP] to get your prospects sticky and excited in the business center. So, just keep that in mind. It’s definitely something you can offer to them to show them that you care.

Listing Sync Pro, this is one of our newer ones. It controls 40-plus reputable business listing sites, including maps and Instagram. It’s quite instant. It kinda gives you or your client that instant gratification. It starts syncing within 24 to 48 hours. And that is $180 for the year. Or you can break that down into 12 monthly payments of $17 per month. It is a year-long subscription, though.

And then of course, visibility premium. We have an in-house digital agency, as I said before, who’s world class. If you are using our digital agency to do some of the fulfillment work for your team, we offer visibility premium, and that’s where our digital agents will manually claim and submit listings on the business’s behalf to Google, YP and Bing. And that is media. They get started on that within seven days. And it’s a $150 one-time fee. If you have an internal digital agency and you are going to offer that solution to your clients, a $150 one-time is a suggested price. You can charge whatever you feel is appropriate, but there’s a guideline that you can go by.

So then let’s look at the reviews. So talking to your customers about reviews is hugely important. Ninety percent of consumers make their decisions based on what online reviews say, so they’re more inclined to list to what 1,000 other people are going to say about a business, who they may or may not even know. And basically, if you are within your business or your customer’s business, you can compare it to basically getting a phone call into your business. You’re gonna answer it, of course. You don’t want to lose a potential customer. Reviews are that public form of consumer communication. So do not ignore those reviews. Make sure you’re listing to what people are saying. And as business owners, make sure you tell them that those reviews can give them a whole lot of intel into how their business is doing when they’re not there.

So there’s one review section and there’s a [inaudible 00:14:24], but very, very important grade, of course. So in terms of your reviews, if you have some good reviews…and the sample that we’re showing here is showing that we’ve got A’s and B’s across the board there except for the one average rating. But if it is a good grade, maybe they’re getting an A. Their business has worked hard to get to that solid reputation. That’s awesome. So selling them social marketing can amplify that positivity where they can find relevant content, they can use the RSS feeds, they can also… they’ll also benefit from having the review management, which means they can easily manage and respond to all those reviews.

The other thing too with having that review management, which is in reputation management and using the review solicitation, they can start hopefully getting their average review rating up and start soliciting more positive reviews to start showing on their website. If they have a negative grade here, reputation management will showcase where that negative sentiment is coming from online, sell them review generation for sure because that’ll help increase those positive reviews and suppress the negative reviews. And of course review solicitation, they can send that [inaudible 00:15:40] to tons of people, hopefully get a whole bunch of reviews back, start getting those out onto their social media pages and on their location page, and start showing people that they are a really great business and you wanna work with them.

So the different solutions here for reviews: Reputation management and review generation. So, show businesses what people are saying about them, improve their visibility and local search, and provide progress reports. That’s awesome. That’s the “do it yourself” version. It’s $12 per month. The social marketing, again, “do it your self,” $12 per month, provides the businesses the ability to grow their fan base. So start posting lots of relevant and exciting material and even some internal store or business specials that are going on. And start getting more and more people talking about them and thinking about them, turning them into those raving customers.

The review management and the review solicitation, those are managed services, again, that our digital agency team can do but also your fulfillment can do as well. And that’s just getting someone to respond to all the negative and the positive reviews for those people who are leaving the reviews for that client’s business. And by the way, responding to positive reviews is huge and really just shows that you care and you’re grateful for those people who did bother to leave a positive review. We all like to be thanked. And review solicitation. Again, our digital agency or your fulfillment team can really start actually going out and generating reviews from the business’s clients on your behalf.

And third, we’re just gonna talk about social. So, every day, customers are declaring their buying intentions, asking questions, trying to create relationships through all the different social media channels. So, Twitter, Facebook, Google. You wanna make sure that you’re listening. It’s so important.

And just to show you how important it is, this is just such a great slide. I love all these stats. Facebook currently is up to 159 billion monthly active users. These are all monthly active users. Instagram, huge. LinkedIn is really big as well. Twitter. People are going on social media and they’re declaring their intentions. You wanna be hip to that, you wanna respond to those, and you wanna try and bring them into your client’s business or have your client bring them into their business. So very, very important to show your clients why they should be on social media and why that section of the report is so important.

So there are three parts of the social grade here for Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. We wanna make sure that your client knows how they stack up. So if they have a positive or they have some really good grading, A’s and B’s on that social section, you wanna make sure that they know that you think they’re doing a great job. Everybody likes to hear they’re doing a good job. Give them a pat on the back for that.

Selling them the social marketing piece though can help make it a little easier because they can do all of that social marketing, sharing of reviews, posting content, all of that from one dashboard. So it makes it really simple and easy for them, and it saves them some time. If they have some negative grades here, that’s okay. You can help them.

Customer service lives online. So social marketing, again, they can monitor and manage their customer feedback in a single feed. They can respond to customers in there and they can… And if you want, our team, or again, your fulfillment team, can even build out some of those social pages for them. And that’s huge because a lot of times you’ll talk to a business owner and they may not even have a clue that Facebook has a business page. They’ve been doing it all from their personal page. Same with LinkedIn. They’ve been marketing from their personal page, but they can actually create a business page where they can do an even better job of it.

So the different social solutions here. Again, the social marketing provides the businesses the ability to grow their fan base. They can set up or get that all set up themselves, if they want to. Again, $12 per month. The social posting basic, that’s a managed service. Again, our digital agency, your fulfillment team, start posting twice a week on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Our team charges $75 for the month. Again, that’s just a guideline if you’re doing it yourself. Social posting plus, four posts per week on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. We have looked around and done a little bit of research on that, and four posts a week is sufficient. So bombarding people’s newsfeeds with more tends to be a little irritating, and you wanna make sure that you’re posting at the right time so it’s effective rather than annoying.

And then of course, social page build. You can do that, we can do that. Professional page setup with business branding, somewhere between $125 to $200. We do a number of the top social sites. So you can give your… If you wanna know what the pricing on the digital agency side of that is, you can ask your partner success rep to share some of that pricing with you and what it would cost to get up to that enterprise level. And use our digital agency or go into our resource center and check out digital agency, and find out how we’re doing it so you can pass that information along to your fulfillment team and they can do that effectively themselves.

So I’m just gonna check over here for some questions. Please feel free to type questions in. All right. Just to see what we got here, what people are asking about. Ian is asking if we can show an example of a social page build. I don’t have any examples really handy right here. But again, please just reach out to your partner success rep and ask them to share some examples with you. And they’ll be happy to do that, with some of our partners who don’t mind having that shared out. Also, you can go into the resource center under “knowledge base.” I believe there is a digital agency handbook in there that we have posted, a PDF, and you can go in there and there’s some examples in there as well.

So you can check out what we’ve done. Again, if it’s not in there, just reach out to your partner success and they’ll be happy to do that. And in terms of pulling together information for social postings, if you’re using our digital agency team – and again, in that handbook I believe there’s probably some best tips and tricks or some best practices – you’ll wanna talk to the business and ask them what they are okay with you talking about. Social posting should be a mixture of a number of different things from internal store or business information, relevant information about the industry and also just some fun stuff maybe talking about the local sports team or something like that. Whatever is gonna keep people coming to your page and being interested.

So, for any of these things, please just go ahead and ask your…reach out to your account rep and they’ll be more than happy to help and share some information with you. So that is the end of the webinar today. I thank you all very much for coming and joining. I appreciate that you have taken some time. Again, if you aren’t sure who to reach out to, I’d be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have. I’d love to connect with you again on LinkedIn. And of course, if you go to our website,, don’t forget to check out the blog section there. We’ve got some amazing blogs, more content, more information that you can use to educate yourselves and your team or even to share out with your clients. Thank you so much again for joining, and we’ll talk to you again soon.

Lorie Willms

Lorie Willms

Senior Partner Success Manager

Lorie Willms is the Last Unicorn. It is rumoured that she will never die because she might not even exist in earthly form. The mere fact that we can even perceive her in this world of agony and despair is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in glitter with rainbow sprinkles. There is even an old saying about her: "not all that glitters is Lorie".

Those who encounter Lorie are instantly bestowed with happiness and laughter. Lorie's personality powers the Sun and her laughter creates the winds that blow over the earth. By the way, those Northern Lights you sometimes see? That's her personality glinting off her earrings. If humankind could harness the power of Lorie, we would have enough clean energy to power the galaxy for eternity (because she can't die)! Alas, Lorie is a wild spirit and can never be captured or tamed. You can catch a glimpse of her in the early hours at the office, if you're lucky, but don't expect her to stick around long enough for a picture. This woman is always on the run, which is a feat in itself because she's always in the most stylish heels!

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