Watch the webinar to learn what marketing automation built for agencies can do for your business

It’s clear in today’s market traditional media companies need to adapt to the digital environment to grow their market share. A major challenge for agencies is to be able to quickly and accurately identify which customers are ready to adopt a digital strategy while ensuring their sales team cost-effective and -efficient conversions.

Join us for this webinar and gain valuable insights on:

  • How to utilize outbound marketing to gain qualified inbound results
  • Real case studies with real media companies and agencies who’ve experienced significant gains by leveraging data through marketing automation
  • The importance of identifying key stakeholders and their buyer personas when engaging in marketing automation campaigns


“Traditional media companies that fail to actively restructure and innovate around sales and sales automation today will see a further erosion of market share tomorrow, ceding revenue to the growing list of digital competitors and alternatives in the local digital market.”

Jeff Tomlin

Jeff Tomlin

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Tomlin is a visionary in all things marketing, SEO, business strategy and digital. As a co-founder of Vendasta, Jeff’s passion and innovative nature drives the success of the business. While conducting market research and business analysis, Jeff is always measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of the marketing efforts. He is constantly developing and iterating marketing and PR plans, seeking out the most effective paths.

In working with channel partners to help their business clients to grow revenue with digital media solutions, strengthen traditional media assets and develop digital sales strategies, Jeff is known to many of America’s top media companies. Prior to co-founding Vendasta, Jeff was the VP of strategy and business development at Point2, where he helped grow a real estate platform from the ground to power over 185,000 agents in 84 countries.