Vendasta, Google, and GotU teamed up at VendastaCon to take you on a deep dive of digital paid advertising. Tim Johnson, Kevin Lao, Donny Dye, and Amedeo Guffanti are superheroes in the digital advertising space, and they’ve banded together to bring you the latest insights on advertising in this VendastaCon-exclusive talk.

Kevin, Donny and Amedeo, represent the three fundamental ways to connect with consumers in 2017. You’ll walk away from Crushing Digital Advertising with a newfound understanding on how to connect with elusive 2017 target personas, where they exist online.

Kevin, from Google (the undisputed gateway to the Internet), deeply understands growing value of digital advertising in 2017 and the role of search in the consumer’s path to purchase.

Donny, from, understands how to connect with consumers using display ads on the pages consumers land on.

Amedeo, from GotU, has unlocked Facebook & Messenger (winning Facebook’s 2016 Innovation Spotlight Award) in using geo-targeted advertising to drive real results and a higher probability for a real-life activity, like a phone call or an in-store visit.

How do you crush paid advertising across these primary places where consumers hang out? Join Tim Johnson, VP of Strategic Development at Vendasta, with these three advertising superheroes to get the real scoop on digital paid.

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