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Protect Local: Free tools, training, and resources to help your company and local business clients during COVID-19 and beyond. Learn More

How Your Company can Sell the Full Marketing Stack Without Lifting a Finger

As a radio broadcast company in 2018, you know evolution has never been more essential than it is right now.

You’re focused on your core business. Selling ads it’s just a fraction of what’s possible, and a fraction of what local businesses need to reach their customers. Adopting digital’s important but too much time and resources are needed to get it running profitably. Sound familiar?

What if you had a partner that did all the heavy lifting for your company when it comes to online marketing?

Our White Label Platform is everything you’ve envisioned for your company but didn’t believe was possible. How could anyone package a full-service digital marketing agency into a software platform—and make it work?

It’s got to be more complicated than that…

Nope. This isn’t a promise that stretches the truth. No smoke and mirrors. No bait and switch. This is the real deal.  

Vendasta works with +1,300 partners that sell to +1,000,0000 local businesses. We’re on pace to do $60M in revenue for 2018, and projecting $100M in 2019.

Our partners include Cox, Gatehouse, Scripps, BH, iHeart, Frankly, Gannet, Fox and more.

We believe that a your company + Vendasta partnership will help you face and overcome some of the core challenges you’re facing. Let’s take a look at how we can help:

We understand the challenges radio broadcast companies face

Potential target markets are making the shift toward digital media, which includes younger demographics who favor digital and online media over traditional media consumption. In radio, we are seeing audiences grow less receptive to AM and FM messaging, simply because they aren’t on these stations. The use of Spotify, Apple Music, and other online streaming services continues to rise and with it comes ignorance to radio.

As a result, radio companies are having to satisfy various demographics by offering traditional advertising as well as utilizing digital settings for ad space. However, growth in digital moves far beyond simple display and search ads.

Radio companies must find the right formula that includes traditional advertising services, as well as extensive digital solutions for their demanding clients.

Spoiler Alert: The Money is in Selling Local Marketing Services

SMBs aren’t seeing the return in radio ads like they used to. Media companies cannot rely *only* on broadcast advertising revenues or even digital ads as the dominant players continue to swallow up the remaining market share.

The amount businesses spend on marketing continues to rise…

…but advertising is NOT the reason for that growth.

The real growth is coming from local promotions and marketing.

We’re not saying you should abandon your core advertising services, but if you’re not budgeting at least 2x revenue in digital marketing products and services versus digital advertising revenue, you’re going to get left behind by your competitors, big time.

Plus, as you can see, Borrell projects expenditures from local digital marketing services will outpace local advertising expenditures by 2.5x by the year 2022. Time’s ticking.

How does your company meet these challenges?

By selling the full marketing stack and becoming the dominant marketing provider for local. 70% of businesses want just one marketing provider vs. multiple. You can be that source.

How do you do this without disrupting your core business?

Vendasta’s white label platform

Our platform will handle end-to-end sales and marketing for you in a single turnkey solution. Sales. Marketing. Fulfilment. All in one platform. All under your brand.

We’ve packed everything you need to succeed in our platform—resellable apps, marketing automation tools, sales training, and white label fulfilment services.

Resell white label products under your brand and price

Our ever-expanding marketplace features 60+ products for you to resell under your brand and price. Our products are curated with risk-free, instant-on apps and services for SEO, Social, Mobile, Advertising, Websites and more. Only pay for what you sell.

Integrate products into your existing platform seamlessly with APIs or create an online store for clients and prospects to browse and purchase directly from.

We help you sell more products than ever before

Your sales team might not be digital-savvy, and you don’t need to be with Vendasta.  Our lead automation tools make selling digital marketing tools easy.

With a flick of the wrist, sales can discover unignorable gaps in a client’s or prospect’s business that map directly back to your core offering and the marketplace apps.

This is called the Snapshot Report—an award-winning automated marketing needs assessment that arms sales reps with insights into a business’s online marketing performance. These insights make for powerful and persuasive sales pitches.

Use the Snapshot Report to start the conversation with business owners, highlight gaps in their marketing, and propose the optimal solutions.

Leverage Vendasta’s White Label Selling Program

We’re invested in all of our partners and you would be no exception. Our CRO, George Leith and his team of business developers fly across the country teaching Vendasta partners how to sell digital products. We get on the phones with you and help you sell from pitch to closed-won.

How are you going to service all these new products and clients?

As a radio broadcast company, you’re probably wondering how you’ll be able to successfully jump right into the digital marketing realm. How will you know who to hire? How will you train and transition existing employees into the digital landscape?

Outsourcing some (or all) of your managed services is a cost-effective way to approach business. With Vendasta, you can add white label marketing services and create a margin that fits your books.

Vendasta’s in-house White Label Agency boasts over 70 digital experts who fulfill our partners’ marketing services under their brand—digital advertising, social media management, reputation management, content creation and website creation.

Problem solved

With access to a comprehensive sales and marketing automation platform and Vendasta’s network of resellers and solutions, you’ll have a true partner helping you grow your digital revenue.

On average, Vendasta partners grow their digital revenue 3.5x in their first year alone.

Let’s work together so you can acquire more local business clients, expand your reach, reduce your churn, and grow your recurring revenue with our AI-powered platform.

You’ve got businesses to close and clients to please. Get in touch with us today.

Get in Touch with Craig

Craig Taylor

Manager of Partner Development at Vendasta

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