Brendan King

What’s at Stake in Local

Vendasta CEO Brendan King sums up the core themes of VendastaCon 2018, explaining how to use all the knowledge you’ve gained to take clients to “The Promised Land”. Brendan explains how essential it is to describe that future state of the world that you are committed to bringing to your customers. Get access to the presentation to learn how to design an effective ‘promised land’.

Want to know how to conquer local? Then you won’t want to miss this talk!

What’s inside?

  • A video presentation of Brendan King’s insightful and tactical talk from VendastaCon 2018
  • Access to the full presentation slide deck
VCON 2018

Brendan King: What's at Stake in Local

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VCON 2018

Brendan King: What’s at Stake in Local

We’d love to know more about our readers! Fill out the form to get instant access to the presentation.