Managing your Online Reputation matters

You don’t have to learn half a dozen new platforms to master the space of local digital advertising. Virtually all of the growth in the digital ad world can be attributed to two giant kingdoms: Facebook and Google. This guide will help you master both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads for your clients.

What’s inside?

  • People are talking about you… about your business… about your clients and their businesses. And when they do, they are talking online. Are you on top of what’s being said online about you?
  • On Facebook, Twitter, Google and beyond, your reputation is being shaped online. Often, a potential customer’s first impression is made by another customer’s last impression of you that they have posted online.

Learn the surprising stats about online reputation management you NEED to know.


50 Shocking Stats About Online Reputation Management

This PDF infographic uncovers fifty statistical revelations about the importance of online reputation and why managing it effectively matters.

Managing your Online Reputation matters