Media Company Survival Guide

How to Win in Today’s Local Business Market

Buckle up, local marketing is changing more than you think. For the first time in history, small and medium businesses are spending more on digital advertising than traditional.

Media Company Survival Checklist

  • Learn what products local businesses are spending their money on. Reputation management and social media marketing are suddenly billion dollar industries.
  • Find out why media companies need to focus on marketing vs. advertising. SMBs are spending $84B more on marketing than advertising. By 2020, that number will be $400B.
  • Get info on the digital agency insurgency. 71% of digital agencies are less than five years old. Find out where they’re weak, capitalize, and avoid churn.
  • Discover how media companies are experiencing traditional-like ROI selling digital soluions with a new, smarter way to reach local businesses.

Media Company Survival Guide

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How to Win in Today's Local Business Market