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Why Your Clients Churn ↻

Data from 100K clients shows why you’re losing business

This study gets to the core issues of why clients leave their marketing service providers and what you can do to retain them.

Key findings:

  • Needs-based research that converts to relevant solutions increases client retention by 30%
  • 62% of clients that were not upsold within the first three months churned within two years
  • Selling an SMB one product has a retention rate of 30% after two years, while two products show an increased retention rate of nearly 20%, and four products show a retention rate of 80%
  • Clients who engage weekly the solutions you provide have a 26% higher retention rate than those who do not
  • Vertical-specific marketing providers have 15% higher SMB retention after 2 years than non-vertical sellers

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Why Your Clients Churn: Data from 100K SMBs

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Learn why they churn. Discover how to retain them.