Are your sales team’s LTV and MRR numbers killing revenue goals?

Understand why your clients churn.

Learn how to keep them. Keep revenue up and to the right.

As a seasoned sales executive, you know exactly how much time, effort and resources it takes for your sales team to generate new business.

In fact, you probably devote a small fortune to acquire new customers.

So how frustrating is it when they churn after only 3 months…6 months…or even 1 year later?

It’s such a waste of all your effort.

In order to survive and succeed as a sales executive, you must understand why clients leave and develop a plan to keep them around longer.

We get it. We work with thousands of sales professionals around the world who literally serve over a million businesses. The challenge of churn comes up a LOT.

We decided we needed some answers, so we analyzed data from over 100K SMBs within the Vendasta platform to figure out why clients churn, and we had some truly mind-blowing discoveries:

  ? A shift in the sales process that shows increases client retention by 30%

  ? The missing tactic that causes 62% of clients to churn within 2 years

  ? The corporate strategy that shows a retention rate of 80%

  ? The 2 keys to client interactions that lead to a 26% higher retention rate

We boiled everything down into an insight-packed paper that unveils key factors on why SMBs churn and identifies new strategies for client retention.

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Learn why they churn.

Discover how to retain them.