Elevated Web Solutions Case Study:
How a web agency saved 72% by switching from WP Engine to Website Pro. 

Elevated Web Solutions is a web development company helping small businesses with their online presence. Founded in 2016, they have been growing sustainably and now serve over 30 local businesses. Founder and CEO Andy Doucet’s passion for helping local businesses is what continues to drive the business.

Recently, Elevated Web Solutions set a goal to find a managed WordPress hosting provider that saved them money and allowed them to scale their business.

Find out how Vendasta helped this agency increase site speed by 13% and while managing to cut 72% of their total costs for web hosting. 

My cost savings on web hosting turned out to be a phenomenal 72% and I have a superior product.

All my websites load faster, have a higher uptime, and the customer portal is priceless to have to show clients how important their website is.

Andy Doucet

Founder & CEO, Elevated Web Solutions

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