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‘The world is looking at our talent’: How will Canada fare in the global competition for tech workers?

Vendasta has long looked for new hires beyond its home turf in Saskatoon. “We have a ton of raw talent at the junior level —the [University of Saskatchewan’s] got a fantastic comp-science department,” said CEO Brendan King. But the Prairie city is less stocked with candidates with product management and marketing expertise, or executives with experience scaling companies. So pre-pandemic, Vendasta brought in foreign workers via Canada’s fast-track program for tech talent, and hired senior staff in Seattle, Chicago and other U.S. cities who flew in regularly.

5 tactics to scale your agency

For every dollar a local business owner spends on technology and digital solutions, $2.50 is spent on implementation and ongoing services from marketing agencies and other local experts. Digital technology is a $220 billion market that is rapidly expanding and comes with its own set of challenges. A 2020 survey of more than 600 respondents reveals local agencies and business experts saying their inability to scale operations is the number one challenge they face in providing digital solutions to local businesses.

MarTech Interview with Brendan King, CEO of Vendasta

SMEs are the backbone of our economy, what does it take to ensure steady ROI and growth as events surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic continue to create disruptions? Brendan King, CEO of Vendasta takes the time to share his thoughts in this chat.

As COVID-19 restrictions drop, Canadian companies are rethinking business travel. For some, much of it is no longer necessary

Brendan King remembers being on the road for the bulk of his working hours, until COVID-19 brought all travel to a screeching halt. The client base of his Saskatoon-based software firm is overwhelmingly American, so he was worried when he couldn’t meet them through face-to-face travel any more. But the Vendasta Technologies Inc. chief executive discovered that it didn’t matter.

E-commerce company Vendasta nurtures Saskatoon’s tech talent

For some businesses, the pandemic has been nothing short of catastrophic. For others, it’s been survivable, but an uncertain, uphill slog. Then there are companies like Vendasta, which has been able to continue along its growth trajectory that was well underway before COVID-19 changed everything. Vendasta provides an end-to-end commerce platform for local channel partners who market, sell, bill, fulfill and deliver digital solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Those channel partners are most often marketing, advertising or web agencies, media companies or independent software vendors, who in turn brand the white-label solutions and sell to virtually every kind of small business.