Senior Software Developer

Vendasta Technologies, Saskatoon SK

Career Description

Developers at Vendasta work in teams, working with Product Managers and Designers in the creation of new features and products.Our Research and Development department works hard to help developers learn, grow, and experiment while at work. With a group of over 70 developers, we have fostered an environment that provides developers the opportunity to continuously learn from each other.

The ideal candidate will demonstrate that they are bright and can tackle tough problems, while being able to communicate their solution to others. They are creative and can mix technology with the customer’s problems to find the right solution. Lastly, they are driven and will motivate themselves and others to get things done. As a Senior Software Developer we expect that you will grow into a thought leader at Vendasta, driving better results across our development organization.

We are looking for a candidate who fits one of these personas:

  • The Expert: You are an expert in one of these technologies: Cloud Native Computing, GoLang, or Frontend using Angular. You know the right patterns and techniques to make things simpler for your colleagues and more reliable for our customers.
  • The Mentor: You have experience from delivering high quality solutions. You love to take that experience and level up the intermediate developers around you to help them become senior developers too.
  • The Shipper: You excel at taking the great ideas from nothing to usable prototype. You know which corners to cut now, so that as the idea takes off it will be easy to improve and scale.
  • The Generalist: You have worked on multiple and varied large projects. When there is a tough problem your experience will allow you to find a workable solution, because it is similar enough to something you have done before.


  • Raise the quality of outcomes delivered by the team you are on.
  • Develop software in teams of 3-5 developers. With the ability to take on tasks from the team and independently work on them to completion.
  • Follow best practices to write clean, maintainable, scalable, and tested software.
  • Work collaboratively with Product Managers to design solutions that help our Partners connect digital solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

Skills and Qualifications

  • 4+ years experience in a related field
  • Bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science, or 5+ years experience in a related field
  • Experience or strong understanding with high scalability, data intensive, distributed Internet applications.
  • Proficiency in modern software language, and willingness to quickly learn our technology stack.

Technologies We Use

  • Cloud Native Computing using Google Cloud Platform
    • BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Pub/Sub, Google Data Studio, Cloud IAM, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Datastore, Google Maps Platform, Stackdriver, etc… We have been invited to join the Early Access Program on quite a few GCP technologies.
  • Kubernetes
  • GoLang, Typescript, Python, Javascript, HTML
  • Angular
  • Elasticsearch, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • GRPC

Relocation Expenses Offered If Applicable

Why Vendasta

Vendasta is a software company that is driving local economies. Headquartered in downtown Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we build a platform that helps B2B companies sell digital solutions to local businesses. Through our partners around the world, we’re helping more than 1 million local businesses thrive and succeed—and we have fun doing it.

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