Why White Label Software works for Newspapers and Yellow Pages

If you are a newspaper or yellow pages company, your industry has undergone a massive shift to digital. The good news is that your advertisers are in the same position and looking for the right digital products. You can win this opportunity by combining new technology with old-school strengths.

Reconnecting with Advertisers

You’ve dominated the small business advertising market for decades. You also have strong established relationships with clients and they trust you. As they find their way through social media and user-generated content, you have a great opportunity to reconnect with them and help them through the transition.

Strong Sales Teams

You have many seasoned sales people on your staff. This team could be easily trained to sell a new software that complements your existing products.

Ad Offerings that Complement Other Digital Products

Many of you already offer online advertising. If you offer products or services that complement online ads — such as social media marketing and reputation management — it will definitely attract more buyers.

These advantages can help you drive additional revenue with new products — to bring your success with traditional media into digital. Having said that, why is a white label solution better than developing a new product in-house?

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Savings on Cost and Effort

If you are not a software development company, chances are you won’t become one overnight. It takes a lot of investment, expertise, and time to be good at developing consumer-grade software and keep innovating on it.

White label software offers a way out. You get a finished product, and if it has a track record of success, you know it will continue to be improved and maintained. The best part: you can still sell it as your own!

Increased Ability to Handle Risk

Even with all your market insight, you could go wrong with a new product. If it’s white label, all you lose is the setup cost and fees for a couple months before you realize your mistake. But if something you developed in-house fails, the losses are enormous.

No Ongoing Maintenance

Bug fixes, new feature requests, infrastructure updates — does it sound onerous? It is. With your own product, you have to fulfill the demands your clients make. With white label, you make the demands and the supplier fulfils them.

The Recipe for Success With White Label Software

Finally, success with a new product comes down to three key things:

  1. Knowing your market
  2. Strong sales team
  3. Finding the right white label partner

If you’ve got two out of three, all you need is the right white-label software. Get something unique with VendAsta:

Real Sales Support

We routinely conduct sales seminars with our partners and provide all kinds of marketing material to close sales. We also share best practices across the board, provide white label sales collateral and a robust support system. Being a purely white label provider, we go out of our way to help partners and don’t compete with them. As a result, we succeed when our partners do.

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