What if you knew which businesses were already interested in digital marketing solutions before you drove all the way to their location and stepped inside? With Vendasta’s Marketing Automation and Sales Transformation (MAST 10X) program, you’ll never have to worry about wasting your time pitching disinterested business owners again. MAST 10X is proven to identify your hottest sales prospects and put an end to virtually all of your cold calling.

So What is MAST 10X?

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MAST 10X is a marketing automation software meant to transform the sales process. The fundamental piece of MAST is an email campaign that brands and digital agencies send to their local business clients. Each email contains a Snapshot report customized for the business regarding their online presence — website, social media, listings, mentions and where they sit in relation to their competition. After each email, the sales team receives reports on recipient engagement, explaining who opened the email and who clicked on the call-to-action. This helps salespeople identify who is ready to buy digital products and when. MAST is the best way for brands and agencies to identify who is ready to pursue digital marketing solutions. As sales teams follow up with those who have opened/clicked through the email, they can use the Snapshot report as a prescriptive pitch.

Every email that’s sent with our automation campaign is customized with the recipient’s name, business name and your sales person’s signature. The Snapshot reports are created specifically for these businesses with tantalizing details of their online reputation.

You can read more about MAST 10X on our website.

Why are Snapshot reports so compelling?

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Vendasta’s Snapshot report is the ultimate pitch assistant. Compare a local business's online presence and social media progress to 150,000+ businesses in the industry in order to introduce them to reputation management and improve your conversion rates.

Read more about the value of Snapshot reports, and see a sample report.

What business objectives does MAST achieve?

MAST 10X is for brands and digital agencies to use on current, prospective and past clients to quickly identify who is ready to pursue digital marketing. Its main objective is to open a dialogue between the brand or digital agency and a potential customer, and provide sales teams with hot leads. The campaign contains relevant, customized content that shows business owners more about their digital footprint than they knew existed. The results have been staggering — it is not unusual for these campaigns to achieve open rates of 30%-50% and click-through rates of 75%.

Show us Some Results!

We ran a campaign with one of our partners and drafted a case study. The Kansas City Star was actively looking for ways to identify new sales opportunities and bring efficiencies to their salesforce. They sought out a 10X campaign to more easily identify past clients that were ready to move into digital advertising. Nick Hadley — The Star’s digital development manager — chose a list of 500 contacts in their system who had “gone dark.”

Average industry open rates for marketing, advertising and PR firms stand at 13.18% according to Constant Contact. With, MAST 10X, The Star reached a staggering 51.43% open rate. The click-through rate also hit 79.20%, while average industry rates for the same vertical sits near 6.58%.

View the case study to see the whole suspense filled story.