So why do businesses need a mobile site, anyway?

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Since only a fraction of businesses have mobile-optimized websites, obviously lots of people haven’t given this question much thought yet. So we made a video to demonstrate how:

  1. For mobile users, mobile websites are way less frustrating to use than conventional sites squeezed down to fit a smartphone screen;
  2. It’s worthwhile taking pains to please mobile customers, because they’re precisely the kind of customers a business wants.

Hmm…I guess we could have got the same message across in two bullet points. But it’s more fun this way:

As it happens, VendAsta’s Mobile Site Platform makes it painless to deploy search-engine optimized, mobile-friendly sites for your SMB customers.

Thanks to hand actress Liz Syrnick, photographer and clapperboard operator Marie-Louise de la Harpe, director of photography Jason W. Arnold, and actress/model Maygen Kardash (who doesn’t have a website, so I’ll link to her band Violent Kin).