Whirlwind Week at VendAsta

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We had a great week at VendAsta.  Jason C and Kevin P spent the week working with Sybase in Waterloo and.  Ryan B was up from Regina working with Allan, Guy, Ches and Dale (remotely from London). Jon took off to Jamaica, and I had a lot of fun with a new baby.  Also Jeff, John and I made some great strides onNMDK.  John also gave the VendAsta site a little upgrade. The next two weeks are going to be super packed with new employee starts and exciting new work.

Brendan King

Brendan is resoundingly passionate about all things digital marketing and Vendasta, which is good because he is our CEO.

  • webguy

    I think if you’re going to be developing next-gen technologies that your website might need a bit more of a facelift 🙂

    Table based layouts and a pretty gross (IMHO) color scheme coupled with the lack of anti-aliasing around the text “VendAsta” really make the site look worse than it was before. At least with the white/blue color theme it was somewhat “web2.0”

    Can I recommend http://kuler.adobe.com (works great for coming up with complimentary color formats).