What it means to be a Vendastian

Here at Vendasta we like to compare ourselves to Google—If Google’s HQ was located in the prairies and only started 10 years ago. We are your typical technology company—the ones that offer free breakfast and lunch, scooters, casual dress code, massage chairs, couches and bean bag seating area, and a happy hour every Friday. We coined the phrase Silicon Prairie, and we have the t-shirts to prove it.


Besides the wicked cool t-shirts and scooters in our office, we want each person who walks into our building to embrace our culture and what it truly means to be a Vendastian.


  • a  person who contributes to Vendasta’s success, goals, and culture.

Vendastians are all about collaborating, sharing our knowledge, embracing diversity, and driving the next generation of our workforce—the millennials.

If you think the millennial stereotype is true, I recommend spending a day with us at our HQ. I guarantee by the end of the day you will 100% change your mind. These millennials are outstanding at what they do and they are single handedly destroying the stereotype.

Our People's Voice

I walked around the office and asked our team what it means to them to be a Vendastian.
Here’s what they had to say:

Vendasta’s Core Values

Our core values are more than a few fancy words and graphics that we feature on our website. We genuinely operate our company around them.


A committed persistence to win nurtured by a culture of fun and challenging work.


Fearlessly pursuing continual improvement.


Creatively capitalizing emerging technologies and deep industry knowledge.


Honouring teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration.

Vendasta Houses

To enhance our employees (already incredible) social committee uptake, we developed houses and we distribute house points for involvement, team spirit and friendly competition. I know what you’re thinking, and yes it’s exactly like Harry Potter, but without all the cool magic stuff. We named our different houses after our four core values:

Agility      Drive      Innovation      Respect

As you can see, competition is taken very seriously. I don’t think anyone knows what the winning house receives, bragging rights is really all that matters.


You’re probably thinking that we have flourished and fluffed the heck out of everything we do here at Vendasta, or at the very least paid off the employees who have been featured. We didn’t. We asked one of the first Vendastians, Brendan King, why, why all the perks? Other companies with nearly 300 employees don’t offer what Vendasta does, what is the reason?

“Your time with your family is important, and so is your sleep, and we never want to cut into that time. So, in order for you to do the best work of your career, we want to make sure all the other little things in life are easier. It’s all so you have more time for what you love, including doing your best work at Vendasta.”
- Brendan King, CEO

About the Author

Colleen is the Content Producer at Vendasta. Her passions are marketing, equality, and blogging. She enjoys adventures in the mountains and in her hometown of YXE. You can often find her in a plant store or with her dog, Frank.

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