When we were choosing a name for our new enterprise we were very cognizant of it's Google search footprint and it's “Google-ability”.  We wanted a name that didn't already have "thousands" of entries.  We wanted a name we could make our own. So when we settled on VendAsta I was pleased that it had under 350 search results. In a short month there are now over 2140+ entries and they are 99% about our Company.  Now you might be saying to yourself,  so what, it is easy to own the Google search results for a made up name. You would be right to think this, but still it is nice to own all the results.

What is amazing however is our Google search results for "Saskatoon software careers" and "Saskatoon software development careers"  We are number one for both these entries.  And we are on the first page for "Saskatoon Developers".  This simply goes to show that the power of blogging and proper search engine optimization should not be underestimated!