What I learned at the VendAsta / MyFrontSteps summer BBQ / Pool Party

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First of all I personally learned that our CTO – Jason Collins – is a swimmer. A swimmer that comes on strong in the end! It is highly recommended to sneak some flippers into the pool to give yourself an edge. PS: I lost. Twice.

Second, we all learned that Allan Wolinski is not just a talent at usability and making solutions intuitive and easy to use; but he can grill a mean steak. Chris Pucci is a top-notch sous chef as well and can tackle your toughest web development challenges (using Drupal, PHP – any and all to be honest) … all while he’s salt and peppering whatever touches that grill.

Thirdly, we witnessed the hero (ok, parenting) efforts of Jon Levesque in saving his own son from the mysterious deep end that can sneak up on any little tyke that’s having way too much fun in the 90 degree water. Jon will also help any potential client learn the benefits of working with the most innovative agile development company for all your complex .net, web application and mobile development needs.

Fourth, you’re bound to learn more about music and the likes of Jeff Buckley when sitting around and chatting with Ryan Baldwin and Kevin Peirce (these two know music!). Might pick up some tips on WPF programming, xslt, xml databases (to name but a few) as well as how to author a runbook and cookbook for fast and efficient deployment methods.

Janak Kapadia will always be the most pleasant guy at the party, Dale Zak is always smiling and having fun (plus the guy is an a m a z i n g developer), Erik Fredrickson might leave but he’s sure to return (with swimmers for all members of his entourage), Sean Lynch is as cool as the cucumber salad on the table… Brendan King, Jeff Tomlin, and John Fothergill are all rock stars and can be seen discussing the MyFrontSteps strategic deployment over the desert table… and in my opinion, Johnny Motherfothergill always has his cool factor at a 10 (including poolside).

Only our Guy Kelsey and Carey Bursaw missed the action… good thing there’s video evidence of Jason Collin’s swim victory!


I like what Brendan King wrote on his blog IRT Saskatoon’s Fledgling Tech Community and when you see a group like VendAsta (in the office or by the pool), one realizes it is a pretty special blend.

AND we’re growing… so if you’re bored at your current company / no longer challenged by the work you’re doing / wish you too could party by the pool / or just want a change – be sure to talk to us… because we’re hiring more Saskatoon software developers right now. If you want to learn more about any of us… just ask, or visit Driving Force or here. Interested applicants can also visit VendAsta Careers, but if you know any of us – just contact us directly.

Cannonball! COH