What do you mean everything is working?

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You’re a consulting company and one of your primary objectives is to satisfy your customers with software that lives up to expectations. Software the delivers the expected return on investment. Software that makes a difference. Software that works!  When you hear positive feedback from your customer’s top C-level personnel on the project that you’ve been working on, it feels good.  When he hears there are no known issues in the integration with back-end systems, application performance is good, actual user feedback is positive, network load is in check … he feels good.  And when he says (and I’m quoting 2nd hand, but its close), “what do you mean everything is working?  That’s not normal!“, it feels good.

As odd as that statement may sound, it’s exciting and motivating for the development team to hear feedback such as this.  Since the first days of VendAsta Technologies in early 2008, teams of dedicated software architects, designers, developers, testers, business analysts, integration specialists (and more) have been working diligently on several projects that have really come together nicely. Some are completed, some are well on their way, and some are in early stages.  All – in our opinion – are going well.  We attribute our early success to teams working closely together, dedication by each team member towards a common goal, and the execution and commitment to a disciplined agile approach in software development.

I hesitate to make this post sound like a sales pitch – cause we’re blogging folks! (forgive me if it does) We’ll call it “praise to the VendAsta team” … but if you’re a company that we’ve approached (or haven’t approached) and you’re interested in speaking to us about high quality consulting work – we’d like to talk with you.