I suggested Weapon X, but that's already been taken. So we're still trying to come up with a name for the secret project Tavis and his team have been working on for the last couple months.

Last week I shared out a spreadsheet and invited everyone at VendAsta to anonymously submit their suggestions. Which is how we came up with Yellow Elk, Rabid Monkey, and Grouper In A Box.

Those were the good ones.

Thursday afternoon the marketing team retired to the blounge and we spent a couple hours scribbling ideas on the whiteboard. Friday we settled on a shortlist that failed to swell our hearts with song. Then we retired to Brendan's backyard for VendAsta's annual pool party and put the question out of our heads for the weekend.

But now it's Wednesday, and we still haven't made a decision.

Complicating matters, the as-yet-unnamed product is a white-label solution; that is, our customers will be applying their own branding to it. So there are some within the company who argue that the product shouldn't have a name at all.

We'll let you know when a decision is reached. When the announcement comes, please - no heckling.