We're adding employees like it's going out of style here. And we're not stopping any time soon with 5 more job postings up on our website.

But for those of you reading this and thinking:

a) I'm not looking for a job right now.

b) I don't know squat about software and/or the internet is a scary place and/or just a fad.

c) VendAsta sounds like way too much fun for me. I prefer my work to be boring.

Well,  you can still help us out AND win an iPad in the process by checking out our "Find us a sweet employee and we'll give you an iPad" Contest here.

Now a quick introduction to our 3 newest VendAstians:

Dale Bruce Hopkins has an engineering physics degree from the U of S and several years of software experience under his belt. He co-founded LucidHelix Solutions in 2008, which specialized in diagnostic software for digital television networks, employing seven developers at its peak. Dale is a certified snowboard instructor and a CrossFit cultist who visits the gym at least five times a week.

Nathan Poellet was born in Chicago, lived briefly in the Seattle area but has spent most of his life in Saskatoon. He worked at the Yanke Group of Companies , Professional Computer Services and Point2 Technologies, before starting his own company Monoclesoft Inc. which makes games for digital distribution networks. An avid DIYer, he loves building things whether it be in the virtual or physical world.

Mike Lippold originally sought out a career in Biological Anthropology. But after a summer spent researching primates in Florida, he decided that he preferred computers to monkeys and took the not so obvious next step in his career by starting a computer science degree. He then spent time working for a natural gas transmission company followed by consulting work before attaining his Masters degree.

Nice legs.

We also had one departure with Jordan having left us in mid-January. He's following his dreams of  managing his own company, 7shifts.com, an online employee scheduling application, as well as working for 24hrassistant.com. His great work ethic and sense of humor were one of a kind -  not to be overshadowed by his incredible sense of fashion (showcased here).

He'll be missed by everyone  but most of all by Scott, who can hardly make it through our morning meetings without shedding a tear. Seriously Jordan, if you're reading this please give him a call. He just wants to hear the sound of your voice.