Weekly Webinar Roundup: The Suite Approach to Selling

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In my post last month, I shared some stats on what small businesses want: a single point of contact for all their digital solutions.

Last week’s webinar featured our Senior Account Executive, Kassigan Naicker explaining how partners can fulfill that need for SMBs and increase their own revenue in the process.

Status quo

Typically, the sales demo begins with an overview of the small business’s current reputation — visibility, reviews, mentions, competitor’s share of voice, mobile-friendliness, social media progress, etc.

The importance of each component of online reputation

Once the small business learns about their existing scenario, they usually want to know how it affects their business and what parts of it they need to fix and how.

At this point, they’re given an overview of the following items:

  1. How visibility and reviews tie in with local search
  2. The potential impact of a single negative or positive review on the business
  3. What mobile users are looking for in a local business’s website
  4. How social media can be used to generate new business opportunities, creating brand awareness and conducting customer service
The solution

Once the small business realizes the problem and learns about the strategies to fix them, they are naturally curious about how our platform can help.

It starts with Reputation Intelligence, which helps businesses monitor their reputation across multiple directories, review sites, blogs, and social networks. When Reputation Intelligence says you’re good on all fronts, you can expect more customers to call or visit your website.

When customers visit a business’s website, it will likely be on their mobile phones and they better find a website that looks good on their device. That’s where Presence Builder comes in.

Lastly, most consumers today are on social media. They share their experiences in public, so your SMB clients need to be listening and interacting with them. They also need to listen to people who declare their need for a product or service that your clients can provide. Social Marketing makes this possible.

This suite approach, pun intended, has three main advantages over selling individual products:

  1. Your local SMB clients get a full solution rather than a part of it
  2. You bring more revenues because a complete suite commands a higher price
  3. You improve customer retention, because your clients get everything in one place and don’t have to go looking for other providers