Weekly Webinar Roundup: Selling Digital to Real Estate

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Property is a high-value asset that doesn’t sell without a good reputation and real estate professionals are keenly aware of this. Real estate developers have the budget for premium services so they can mitigate their risk by effectively tracking their reputation.

In our webinar last week, our VP of Sales, George Leith used a real-life example to show how you can make an impactful reputation management sales pitch to a local builder. His process can be broken into three simple steps:

Step 1: Gather background data

Snapshot can find a ton of reputation data on any business simply by using its name and zip code, or its phone number. You can find out if your prospective client has:

  1. Good visibility and whether people searching for real estate listings in their local neighborhood would find it
  2. Good reviews
  3. Good social presence
  4. A mobile-friendly website

This report also helps you compare how this prospect fares compared to other businesses in their industry in all of these areas.

Step 2: Determine the best solution for them based on your findings

Our platform has several tools a digital agency can use to help its clients in the real estate business. For example, they could use:

  1. Reputation Intelligence to keep an eye on change in visibility, accuracy of your listings, reviews, mentions, and competitors’ online share of voice
  2. Presence Builder to create a mobile-optimized page with one-click call buttons, quick access to address and other contact information. They could also create a gallery of property images, floor plans, team photos, etc.
  3. Social marketing to keep an updated presence on social media with new listings information, relevant news, and to look for people who are in the market looking at properties to buy
Step 3: Present this data and solution to close a sale

When you have this much insight into someone’s business, it is easy to get their attention.

Real life success

When George applied this process for a real estate developer, they immediately signed up to use the platform for 7 business locations.

That’s proof that the process I’ve outlined above works. If you’re already a partner and haven’t sold our platform to real estate businesses yet, get in touch with your Account Executive at VendAsta to get started today!