Weekly Webinar Roundup: Industries to Target for Reputation Management

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As always, our webinars are about helping partners sell more. Last week, we focused on one of the key questions around that subject: which industries to target for selling reputation management?

Much of the data used in the webinar came from the results of the local search survey conducted by Bright Local earlier this year.

In this post, I’ve included two key findings from the study that should help you decide which industries you should target:

What businesses are people searching for online?


The businesses that take the prize are:

  1. Restaurants

  2. Doctor/Dentist

  3. General Shop

  4. Hotel/B&B/Guest House

  5. Clothes Shop

Which business’s reputation do people care about most?


This time, the businesses that come out on top are:

  1. Doctor/Dentist

  2. Restaurant/Cafe

  3. Tradesmen

  4. Garage/Car Dealer

  5. Hotel/B&B/Guest House

Apart from the top 5, Builder/Roofer and Hair/Beauty Salon were close with nearly 30% of the respondents saying that reputation matters the most when choosing one of these businesses.

Final Thoughts

This survey provides great insight into what people consider most important when looking at businesses. This data coupled with the right reputation, presence, and social media management platform to sell could give your team excellent ammunition for their upcoming sales pitch.