Climbing Search Engines With Consistent Listings

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visibility reputation managementReputation Management is part art, part science. Sometimes it takes careful handling of a bad review or a negative tweet, other times it’s a simple check-list of dos and don’ts that anyone with an internet connection and a little guidance can complete in no time flat. One of those straightforward tasks is ensuring your listings are consistent across directories and review sites.

When we say “online directories”, we’re not just talking about Google+ Local, Bing Business Portal, and Yahoo! Local. We’re also talking about sites like Superpages, Citysearch, Judy’s Book, etc.. A lot of businesses don’t understand this. They think that if they’ve claimed their listing on Google, they’re in the clear.

“Wait, so what the *bleep*’s a Superpage?” Mr. Small Business Owner is thinking. “Or a Citysearch? And who the heck is Judy, and what’s this about her book?”

The list of online directories is long (and growing). That’s where a good Reputation Intelligence tool saves businesses countless hours by showing them:

  1. Where they’re listed
  2. Where they’re missing
  3. Where the information is inaccurate

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to make business listings exactly the same on all directories, review sites, and social sites. Even something as small as an inconsistent abbreviation could mess things up; the difference between “ABC St.” and “ABC Street” on multiple sites might be the difference between placing 1st or 5th on search engines (which is a lot of lost customers). That’s why we now offer our partners the option between relaxed or strict visibility configuration.

Alright, let’s wrap this up. Visibility consistency is one of the easiest, most crucial aspects of online reputation management (in fact, it’s so important that some of our partners focus solely on selling this one feature to their clients). Small business owners know that traffic = business, and even though Visibility Monitoring can’t replace a good SEO strategy, it is critical in helping local businesses climb the search engine results page.