VendAsta’s Weekly Sales Webinar Roundup

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Being a purely white label provider, VendAsta’s success depends on how well our partners sell our platform. Therefore, we take a number of unique sales support initiatives that are very popular among our partners.

To help partners who haven’t sold reputation management, we launched our in-market sales seminars where our partners invite potential SMB clients and we sell our reputation management suite to these businesses on behalf of our partner.

Our VP of Sales, George Leith often leads these seminars and they have been phenomenally successful. Typically, attendees stay behind for Q & A, and many of them sign up on the spot—putting revenue on the books immediately for our partners.

We also conduct weekly sales support webinars, where we discuss these ideas and other successful sales strategies. During the webinar last week, George went through the sales pitch that he used in his recent in-market seminar so that all the other partners could benefit from it.

Here’s what he covered in brief:

  1. Explaining what the components of online reputation are
  2. How we define Visibility and the impact it has on a business
  3. How Visibility ties into local search
  4. Managing listings in an increasingly complicated directory landscape
  5. The type of rogue listings that could be hurting a business
  6. Dealing with negative reviews, staff encouragement tactics to improve service and get happy customers to provide positive reviews, and using reviews in marketing as well as for business improvement
  7. Our sales tool that can help partners create powerful reputation assessment for their end clients and practically sell our solution by itself
  8. Simple steps for performing customer service, building followers, and finding leads on social media
  9. And finally, how to sell all this as a premium full-service package that brings in more revenue for partners while providing immense value to end clients

If you run a marketing agency or sell digital products to small and medium businesses, you can be a part of this sales training by signing up for a demo.