We're pleased to announce that we'll soon be supplying Reputation Management to Metroland Media's huge customer base of southern Ontario advertisers.

A dominant player in Canadian publishing, Metroland operates over 130 newspapers, from the venerable Hamilton Spectator, founded 1846, to small-town weeklies like the Muskoka Sun. Metroland is a division of Torstar, which owns the Toronto Star and numerous other Canadian media properties (including the world's most famous name in romance, Harlequin).

As the partnership launches, Reputation Management will be available exclusively through Metroland's online directory, Goldbook. In coming months, all Metroland properties will begin offering the product.

Metroland has been looking for new ways to add value for their advertisers, and our white-label Reputation Management platform fits the bill. With our focus on finding local results for small and medium businesses, VendAsta is the obvious choice for a company like Metroland that has a wide range of geographically dispersed advertisers.

Our product is easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to sell to SMB owners who realize that their offline business is disproportionately impacted by what's said about them online. Reputation Management provides a regularly updated feed of detailed consumer behavioural data that even the most analog businessperson can immediately use to improve operations in the "real world".

We're excited about this partnership with Metroland, and we know it will lead to great things in the future!