Title: web·i·nar, /ˈwebinär/, noun, a seminar conducted over the internet
        Vendasta webinars: innovative, informative, help drive revenue!

We put on quite a few webinars here at Vendasta. It’s a lot to keep up with, and so to help you ingest all of our fantastic webinar content, I’ll be writing monthly blog posts to keep you in the loop on what you may have missed the previous month, and deliver the session recordings that absolutely cannot be missed.

Let’s start with our roster of webinars. From time immemorial, and by that I mean the two+ years I’ve been with Vendasta, every Wednesday we host the infamous Sales Webinar. At 1 pm Eastern, a senior member of the sales team provides sales strategies and tactics that help you generate revenue. Our primary goal with the sales series is to provide helpful, informative and innovative content that will help you boost sales. Register, attend, sell more. What’s not to love, right?

A newer webinar that we’ve introduced is the Thursday Product Webinar. This is where our focus shifts from sales (think “How to Bundle and Price your Solutions” and “How to Prospect”) to in-depth product walkthroughs and training on a new feature, release or Marketplace solution. Product webinars typically include a technical co-host, like a product owner, developer or support lead along with a senior sales team member. For product webinars in particular, we have dedicated Q&A periods towards the end of each session.

So what did you miss in July? I was hoping you’d ask. Allow me to fill in your webinar gaps. Each of these webinars are the absolutely cannot be missed sessions from July.

sales webinar



Our resident marketing automation expert and growth champion Jackie explains exactly what marketing automation is (and no, it’s not just an industry buzzword), and how it can help you drive revenue. Marketing automation requires set-up time and effort, especially at the outset, but if configured correctly, it’s a lead nurturing strategy that increases engagement and thereby, revenue.

Kass likes to say that although he may not be the visionary or brainchild behind Vendasta’s marketing automation platform, he’s the one with his sleeves rolled up, working with the development team everyday to ensure our platform is built intuitively and that it continues to successfully be iterated on. Because of his thorough focus on building marketing automation, Kass’s product webinar on the topic is a must watch for the summer.

Once you’ve had a chance to devour our best July webinars, here’s a quick summary of all of the sales and product webinars from July:

July Sales Webinars

July Product Webinars


Webinar invites are sent out every Monday and Tuesday and included in the Product Insider, and registration links can be found within our Resource Center.

As always, I’d love to hear any feedback you have on our webinars (or about anything else you have on your mind). You can contact me directly or chat with our helpful support team by emailing support@vendasta.com

Catch you again next month for my August webinar round up!