Vendasta vs. BirdEye: The Online Presence Showdown

What follows below is a brief breakdown of Vendasta vs. Birdeye. Visit our comparison page to see a more thorough breakdown. 

Vendasta vs. BirdEye boils down to more than features and products. It comes down to partnerships. Vendasta offers a true partnership through resources, support, collateral, authenticity and, perhaps most importantly, by not selling to the same audience as our partners.

From our perspective, the critical difference is this: you can’t be mission critical to a partner if you eat their lunch. BirdEye sells directly to local businesses. At Vendasta, we don’t compete with our partners; we do everything we can to help them succeed.

Having been in the online reputation management space since 2010, we've learned best practices and best software. We started as an online reputation management company. We've now evolved into much more than that, offering our partners a platform with robust features, an online marketplace and varying services to help you scale. Partners and prospects often ask us how we stack up to the competition, and so we've decided to compile competitor pages on our website to help save some research hours.

Vendasta vs. BirdEye

When people inquire about BirdEye’s platform and how it’s different from what we offer, we usually point them to our Vendasta vs. BirdEye webpage. If you're too busy to read the detailed comparison, here are the cliff notes we've compiled from partners who have used both platforms, as well as our own research.

Online Reviews

This is the area where Vendasta and BirdEye compete neck and neck, review to review. Setting aside the basics, you'll find that Vendasta offers an out-of-the-box white-labeled solution, whereas BirdEye's comparable solution can reach up to $5,000 per month. Another added offering that Vendasta provides is our Digital Agency, which can be contracted to work as a review management service.

Through Vendasta's Reputation Management features, we offer a gated review form that allows you to mitigate negative reviews before they show up on review sites. We also have an array of review conversion tools to ensure that customers who leave positive reviews are encouraged to share them across multiple review sites


On the Vendasta vs. BirdEye webpage you can see other comparisons -- listings, business model and platform features. Of course, we'd never suggest you take our word for it. This is a testimonial from a partner who left BirdEye to join Vendasta.

tony"When I was first approached about making the switch, I wasn’t too sure about the idea. Within a couple conversations with my sales rep, I was convinced the Vendasta platform not only had more to offer but costs less too. I was always troubled by the fact that BirdEye sold retail to my potential customers. Even more distressing was the “co-branding” solution BirdEye sold me. It was more of an opportunity for BirdEye to build their brand than mine." -- Tony Roland, Trusted Partner Marketing

Let us know what you think! Get in touch with us and BirdEye for a demo and tell us if you agree.

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Nykea is the Director of Brand + Experience at Vendasta, where she leads the charge on brand storytelling and data driven marketing.

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