We may live on the prairies, a place famous for its resounding flatness, but Saskatchewanians, and in particular VendAstians, like to lean into gravity once in awhile. Also, I feel compelled to dispel some myths. It’s not flat everywhere — did you know the highest point between the Rockies and the maritimes is in Saskatchewan? Or that we have sand dunes and zip lines in the south? Waterfalls in the north? Blah, blah, hometown pride, blah blah.

Last weekend, VendAsta took a ski trip to Table “Mountain.” About 50 of our approximately 85 employees got up early on a Saturday to spend another 12 hours with coworkers. We like each other, and there could be some reference to us being one big family, but it feels like every sitcom took that away from us, so we’ll stick with the way-too-sanitary-and-non-descript-word coworkers.


We had a sweet ride for the more-than-two-hour ride either way. About 20 minutes from the hill, a few small bladder folk (Nathan and Sarah), ensured a stop at McDonald’s. No one seemed to mind. Eventually we arrived at our long anticipated destination.

Allan and bus

Skills ranged from people who had never skied before to seasoned pros. As some of us flew down the hill yelling “pizza!,” Dale, Jason and Jenn basically did backflips. Some members of our group even accidentally knocked out others on the hill in an attempt not to fall off a small cliff. I made friends with a twelve year old and, until my mouth was covered, did the Hunger Games whistle from chair lift to chair lift. I’m more popular with people who can’t yet drive than with adults. That’s probably because Jackie and Adam spoke about serious injuries all the way up the lift, so choosing team Peeta or Gale is a good distraction. Being the gentlemen that they are, Tony and Scott fetched the mittens I dropped from the lift into a fenced off danger zone.

Bonnifer and Bella2

Because it was family day, there was face painting and balloon animals, which was excellent for the people who brought their kids — Jeff, Sean, Song, Jason and Allan — and Nathan.


Aside from skiing and snowboarding, there was a tube park. While racing down an ice hill on a piece of rubber at 100km an hour sounds fun, and it is, it turns out it can be kind of dangerous. Participants were not advised to elevate their tailbones out of the centre of the hole, meaning small children were bounced several feet in the air and adults were essentially paddle-boarded. Karlee could not sit for days, seriously.


On the bus ride home, we found out a few things about our fellow employees.

1. Garry has the past life of a criminal.

2. Jenn is potentially a bit of a kleptomaniac.

3. Nathan cannot beat Clint in regards to beer.

4. Adam is the best at snacks.

5. Steven has never, um, never mind. Some things remain sacred. What happens on the bus, stays on the bus. Except for Garry, Jenn and Nathan — sorry.

Garry as a dog

Saskatchewan is known for many things, one of the most prominent: bigger than life-sized statues. We were compelled to stop at this one, though it appears Steven didn’t know it was a male.


When stopping at a real bathroom wasn’t an option, some made use of fields. Others waited for the very frequent bathroom stops. The ride home was definitely longer than the ride there, but also more fun.


So, bruised butts and egos aside, VendAsta’s ski trip was a success.

Song and kids