VendAsta running team faster, taller, more cosmopolitan than ever.

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Last year, a team consisting of Shawn, Mike, and Jeff represented VendAsta in the relay at Regina's Queen City Marathon.

This year, the trio conducted a membership drive and convinced Scott, Marie-Louise, and Yuan to sign up for the race. (Since you can only have five people on a relay team, Jeff decided to run the half-marathon separately.)

That's two Canadians, an Australian, a South African, and a Chinese guy. For obvious reasons they designated themselves the VendAsta International Running Team.

VendAsta International Running Team 2011
Clockwise from L: Marie-Louise, Shawn, Scott, half-marathoner Jeff, Mike, and Yuan.

On the big day, Yuan and Scott got their directions wrong and wound up standing on an empty street corner until just before race time, wondering where everyone was. Eventually they realized their mistake and pulled up at the last possible moment, with Yuan sprinting directly from car to starting line as the gun went off.

Despite the panicked start, the team performed well, finishing an impressive 11th out of 161 teams - twenty places ahead of last year's result. Next year we figure we'll purge the team of Canadians entirely, and win the race.

The marathon happened almost two weeks ago, but the team kept forgetting to bring their t-shirts to work for the group photo. Anyway, here it is. Congratulations, VendAsta International Running Team!

Queen City Marathon finishers
Next year, victory is ours.