So on Friday we moved into our new office, and it's...well, I'm not gonna lie, right now it kinda looks like a bunch of nerds decided to bring their laptops to a construction site. Contractors are still running wires and carrying ladders to and fro. But it'll be pretty swank once the doors and blinds and baseboards are all in place. Don't worry, we promise we'll have it looking nice for Saskatoon BarCamp on November 5.

We've moved to the heart of downtown Saskatoon, to the historic Avenue Building, which dates back to 1912. There's a sandwich shop, a men's clothing store, and an old-timey barbershop (currently unoccupied, sadly) on the ground level. The elevator pipes in Doris Day and Ella Fitzgerald tunes while you ride up to our office on the top floor. The only thing missing is a guy in white gloves handing out towels in the washroom.

So farewell, old VendAsta office! Farewell floorboards held in place with duct tape! Farewell mysterious thermostats that controlled the temperature in anyone's office but your own! Farewell boardroom carpet spattered with three years of food stains from Friday lunches! If you're looking for us, you can find us here:

405 220 3rd Avenue South

There's a ton of photos of our new office (mostly courtesy of Allan) on the VendAsta Facebook page.